Moofi Presents: Some Serious Home Audio

I have the Pinnacle QP 9W PWRBAR. It’s alright. Power/volume is decent, as is sound clarity. Extremely high on mid/treble. Practically no low end response whatsoever. I don’t have a sub hooked up (slowly acquiring pieces) so the sound does feel kind of empty. You also lose some of the spatial quality given it’s all in one unit. But if you’re looking for something with clarity on a budget, this is a decent option. I like it for what I use it for.

I have the Pinnacle Speaker Baby Boomer Dual 8" Subwoofer in my living room (15x15’ with vaulted ceilings) powered by an Onkyo TX-NR626 and paired with Infinity Primus 5.0 speakers. The baby boomer is a beast. Sounds great (gets lots of complements… not so much from the neighbors) and has lots of power-- I have mine set between 1 and 2 pretty much all the time.

The Pioneer S-IC671As are the same price on Amazon (and Prime eligible). D’oh!

I have the powered bar as well and it pretty much requires a subwoofer. I have 2 of the baby boomers and highly recommend them. I personally have been very pleased with the soundbar.