Moofi Presents: Tivo Roamio Systems

If these came with lifetime subscription, I’d be in. But without that, it’s really hard to justify getting TiVo.

Tivo is great, except for the monthly price! I have an old Tivo Series3 box and am thinking about getting this deal… but I pay $12.99/mo now and really don’t want to pay $14.99/mo just because I got a new one. Plus, has a $99 down + $19.99/mo for a new Plus model with 2 year contract.

Beware. I purchased a refurb TIVO mini on Woot a few weeks ago and it will not activate. TiVo acknowledges an issue (wrong service state) but they are dragging their feet to fix it. They opened a ticket and said it might take a week to get to it. I’m about to return it if not resolved by end of day which will mark 14 days of trying. If you purchase from TiVo directly they pre-activate the unit.

Bought the Premieres here years ago, I paid $50 each, bought 3. Went to Tivo and bought lifetimes for all 3. They paid for themselves compared to Fios boxes in 2 years. I am now charge free for the rest of the boxes lifetime, whatever that will be. So far so good. These boxes are much better/faster. Wish I needed one.

I bought the Roamio plus refurb from Woot a few weeks ago and it was very easy to transfer my premier (monthly) account over. I have been reluctant to upgrade from premier because I wasn’t sure whether it was worth the cost, but I’m glad I did! The user interface is so much faster, and the ability to record 4 shows concurrently vs the 2 previously is very helpful (it went from being an infrequent problem to not being a problem at all). For anyone on the fence, I’d definitely recommend it at this price.

The only downside was the amount of time that it took to update and re-download everything, as well as re-pairing the cable card through TWC.

Where are you seeing that price? I’m looking at but don’t see it. I remember seeing something like that around Christmas, but couldn’t swing it at the time.

Tivo is absolutely worth every penny. I’ve tried other DVRs over the years, but always go back to Tivo. I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a Roamio for some time now, but was having trouble justifying the expense for a “Plus”. Amazon has a regular Roamio for about $166, and a Plus for $310 (those are Prime prices). The difference in the Woot price isn’t enough for me to justify getting a refurb instead of new – but if I could find that other deal you’re referring to, I’d be in.

Ah, I found it. They’re refurbs too.

But at least they come with the “Continual Care warranty”:

TiVo’s Continual Care warranty covers your TiVo Roamio for the uninterrupted duration of your monthly or annual TiVo service subscription. With Continual Care protection, we’ll send you a replacement at no charge if your TiVo Roamio box needs repair within the first 90 days from your date of purchase.* After 90 days, you’ll receive a replacement DVR for just $49.00.

Are the Woot! Tivos not eligible for “Continual Care” so long as they are under the monthly/annual service?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I’ve asked the same about the Amazon offer (

I’m also wondering why the Square Trade warranty add on is so expensive here at Woot - 1 year for $38? At Amazon, you can aget 2 years for $14 and 3 years for $29 .

I just bought the 500 gig roamio system for 99 bucks and I found it at best buy for 49.99 two days later. Wah wah wahhhh

The $50 Roamio is OTA only.

But the only reason to buy the low-end Roamio is to use it with an antenna. There’s no reason to buy the model Woot’s carrying.

The $99 Roamio also support digital cable via CableCard.

Update - finally got the mini activated 14 days after first call. Hopefully that’s the last bump in the road. That buys me 2nd room TV source for life ( no set top rental, no TiVo fees, just $99 for the hardware and a long LAN cable)

Note that the OTA base unit is available from BB for $50 (not refurb!).

This unit allows DVR recording from antenna with 4 tuners and also has the SW for Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc. built in.

People seem to either love or hate Tivo. It seems to depend on what you need from your media service and what generation Tivo product you have experienced.

I recently switched from Dish to the base Roamio TV with Netflix, hulu+ and am very happy. It provides a very clean interface for non-techno geeks (wife) at a lower cost than cable/sat providers offer.

But, oddly enough, only OTA or CableCard. Not both. The older Premier or HD/Series 3 units would accept both a cable and antenna input. You still only had 2 tuners, but either could tune OTA or cable.

If you are going to go OTA then there really isn’t much to be gained by going with the base Roamio, you are better with the OTA.

Can devices purchased here qualify for lifetime service?

The only benefit of getting this one over the OTA only is you can’t get the lifetime service with the OTA only device.

Yes. Here’s more info from TiVo