Moofi's Open Box Symposium

Is the 48" Vizio TV really pick up only? No way to purchase and have it shipped?

No. That was a mistake. Sorry about that.

Well awesome…I missed it :frowning:

No, we closed that sale due to a couple other errors as well. Nobody got it.

Oh, okay. Thank you!

Why is it $10 more for the open box version of the same thing?
Samsung HT-HM55 1000W 3D Blu-Ray 5.1 Smart Home Theater System (Open Box)

Really disappointed with the Vizio 42" soundbar that arrived today. The grill is actually snapped off of the speaker on one side, and none of the accessories were included. Not having a power cable or remote to operate the device is not my definition of “non-essential.” I’ve already submitted the return request, but as a general note, maybe don’t advertise these items as “tested” if you haven’t actually looked at the contents of the box.