Moon Shoes

Before you start imagining broken ankles, and screaming children, after a Google, and search I can’t find mention of any recent recalls of these Moon Shoes.

There was a another pair of springy “Moon Shoes” made in the 1960’s, as seen here:

This is the infamous product that was breaking people’s ankles and was recalled in 1961. As you can see it simply used 2 steel springs and had no side support, and from what I can see on the bottom, no real tread to keep the shoes from slipping when you landed.

The current iteration of moon shoes that we’re selling today, has been around since the 1990’s, and has a much more stable and safer design. This current version has not been recalled. If it was, we wouldn’t be selling it, because that is illegal.

Jimmy likes moon shoes.

**Item: **Moon Shoes
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Condition: New

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