Moonrays Solar Stake Light-2 Pack

I wish one of the pictures was of what they look like at night.

Stake light…
She gave me a stake light

I bought both these sets last time and they’re pretty nice. I gave my mother the cranes and she was all with the “oohh… isn’t that, umm, … nice.” when I gave it to her but she’s said since that she really likes them.

I wish they were white lights, but the color changing is pretty.

Just for kicks, I switched the marble eyes on the dog and cat for my own set because my dog has blue eyes. So now I like it even more.

cranes are sold out, bummer

This was up in February at this price.

Cranes are out already…bummer…too bad the cat/dog lights weren’t all cats or all dogs :slight_smile:

Hmm…don’t really see the point in these…especially for $20.
Kinda looks to me like one of those useless things you’d find at Dollar Tree and buy just because they were a dollar…

Can we get some pink flamingo’s next?

Eugh. I think this is aimed at the folks who liked the CorningWare set. Oh, I am bad. :X

no cranes :frowning:

I’d be in for three sets of flamingos!!

:frowning: I missed the pair of cranes last time too.

Kinda late to comment - but I got the birds last time, really like 'em. Surprised at how long into the night they stay lit.

Freaks my dog out sometimes - which is hilarious.

I’m a little glad the cranes are already sold out. I got two pair of cranes last time and am tempted to get more - I could use more and my dad would love them. However, of the four cranes I got last time, two came with broken glass balls. Both are usable but precarious. I’m on the lookout for suitable substitute orbs before I really seriously consider buying more of these.

Oh, I’d love some yard flamingos! They wouldn’t even have to glow in the dark but it would be so tacky and cool if they did and I’d fill my whole front yard with them-----enough of them that you could see them from space : )

Mothers Day coming up… My mom loved her cranes!

I found the cranes online for $14.99 each. More expensive then woot but in case you’re really need a crane fix…

Did you mail about those busted cranes? :frowning:

you’re my hero!