Moonrays Solar Stake Light-2 Pack

Got the cranes last time. They are pretty, especially if you’re putting them somewhere with flowers or low shrubbery. The lights don’t last all night, but they can last about 6 hours or more if they get sun all day.

Wow, sorry about that! We are looking into this for you, we’ll go ahead and send you an email.

Just for kicks, I switched the marble eyes on the dog and cat for my own set because my dog has blue eyes. So now I like it even more.

So can you still see?

I’m guessing Schwetty Balls wouldn’t work…

Dang, missed the cranes again.

Got my order. It contained one set of 2 NOT 2 sets that I ordered. Box it was sent in could have held 3 sets and was mostly paper filler.

Anyone else have that problem?

I ordered 3 sets, 3 cats, 3 dogs. One set was missing the screw on ground stake, making it useless, unless I want to hang it on a string.
I contacted Woot Service and now a week later, no reply, other than the automated msg that was sent.
I figured I’d try here, not to shame them, but maybe, just maybe I’d get a quicker response.

Sorry about that. We don’t show to have received any emails regarding this issue from this username. I’m going to send you a PM regarding the issue.

Thank you assisting me in this matter. I received my replacement set and all is good now.


How can you already received a replacement when I have not even received my second set? Dam still shows as not shipped. No record of it. At this point I just want my money back. Finally Woot disappointed me.

I bought the cat/dog set in April. Finally got them out of the box this past weekend in June. Only one of them works :frowning: