Moonrays Solar Stake Light-2 Pack

Who wouldn’t want to bask in the glow of a domestic dog or cat’s digestive system?

Aww. What if we want only the cat? We’re not really dog people in this household…

Make up your mind, do you use Moon rays or Sun rays?

I have bought solar lights from woot before, but these are not as practical. In fact, these are definitely tchochkas. Saving my money.

Bought 2 sets last time. The cats lights are pretty. The dog lights have never worked. Definitely a decorative light, not effective as a light source.

Maybe you can work out a swap with someone :slight_smile:

These are terribly cute, got some about two woot offs ago. Sadly, one only worked about a week, two weeks later the little sensor fell off. Since I hate keeping boxes… I kept the lights. It is adorable but only for a very short time!

These things are total crap, despite being cute.

One of them arrived with a busted globe, but it seemed like it should still work. It doesn’t.

The second one arrived intact and does work, but as others reported, it doesn’t give off any real light, just a dull, colored glow that doesn’t even highlight the design.

Really annoyed that I bought these.

Sorry for the broken globe. Please email so they can help you out.