Mophie Battery Cases: iPhone 5/5s

Bot two. Lasted about a month and both quit charging. Can’t return them.

Only ~$5 more (counting shipping) at Amazon

Okay, I would really like one of these, but only if they actually work for a year or so. My problem is - and I think I already know the answer - can you access the headphone port while this case is on? Do you have to take it apart to use headphones? Because that is kinda a big deal for me.

I believe if you look at the pics in the post above you can see the opening for the headphone jack.

What I want to know is what is the difference between the units? There is a Red one on top and another Red one 3 rows down. It appears from the pics that some cables are included with one of them but not necessarily the other.


I’d like to know as well. They look identical except one has a different number in the description.

You can get to the headphone jack, the case comes with a short extender cable to allow your headphone jack to reach the port.

No difference in the two red cases posted in the event. Woot acquired inventory that had slightly different packages for some of these units but include the same identical products inside. By the powers of magic these duplicates are no longer present in the event. Thanks for asking

depends on the color as well.

Question is, how long do you plan to keep your Iphone 5/5s ?

It’s a big drop from the price ,to no surprise since 5/5s are about to be grandpa models .

I’ve been keeping my eyes on these but they were too pricey for a battery case ($79).
Yesterday I saw these cases still at $59 at Sams .

My ONTRION LifeCHARGE 2300 mAh battery case that I bought here several months ago is still working flawlessly .

Probably grab one ,just in case .

Note : The one I mentioned at Sams is a different model . It’s a Extra Juice w/2100 mAh .

The one on Woot here is the Helium Juice pack , a smaller version and only carry 1500 mAh .
My bad.

Got one of these from a friend, it stopped working after a week. I managed to get a replacement sent, but that one stopped working after about a week as well. Useless product.

They send you an adapter that you can use. The headphone port is 1/2" in. The headphones fit in the hole for the headset but it is hard to get them out; I recommend using the adapter.

Don’t trust the colors as advertised. I bought the purple- looked beautiful…what arrived looks more like a grape. Not even close to the color on the picture.