Mophie Battery Cases

Any woofers know if the juice pack fits an iPhone 5 C?

It says 5/5S but not the C

I don’t think so, but I wouldn’t bother getting one of these.

I purchased one a few weeks back and had to return it. I didn’t heed the warning words of other users that had gone through the same problem.

The battery would never fully charge and it wouldn’t charge my daughter’s iPhone 5.

These are originally around $75 at BB. the price was just too good to be true. I think these are old stock and are hoping that one in a few function as promised.

I’ve had three Mophie cases including the Space, which has 32GB of extra storage. What you have to understand is most Mophies do not charge your iPhone to full. There are ones that do 60% and ones that do 75%. The Space did 100%. I now have the iPhone 6 Plus and bought the latest case. It does 60% and I’m perfectly happy with that as the 6 Plus has great battery life already, but I just use a battery case to get me home, not for full charging.

Mophie has the best optimized case, IMHO. It knows when the iPhone has any kind of charge. It doesn’t start charging until your iPhone drains. I usually turn mine on at under 20% because that’s when the battery goes quickest. My wife keeps her’s on all the time, because she doesn’t want to think about it. Not great for the case, but I can’t tell her differently.

I’ve had other battery cases (iBlason and BOOST) and the problem with those was I would get the message “This accessory may not be designed for iPhone” when charging. So, passthru charging wouldn’t work, or charging would be intermittent, so, I’d have to charge the case separately from the iPhone. Also, it took forever for those cases to charge, because they charge with the minimal software control.

So, I think they work. The use case is to get you thru a day of pounding Facebook, Twitter, and Music. You can get a 100% version but you don’t need it if all you want is to get thru the day.

I had two of them which I bought from REI. Love the case, work really well and very slim.