Mophie Qi Wireless 10W Charging Pad - Black

Mophie Qi Wireless 10W Charging Pad - Black

What shade of black is this?


The answer is, it cant be any more black. None more black.

It is a pastel black…

Black like my cat or your soul?

Is it wireless?

It’s a blackish ebony with hints of coal.

Your soul

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Ooooh. Pass then.

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Are there highlights of your terrible comebacks?


No yours

I saw it!

Lol took 3 times to fix it too

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If it’s wireless… why is there a wire?

I can never get my keyboard to type the right your.

To trip over. It’s a free benefit.

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My phone sucks

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BOC in one of the next 3 items. My uninformed guess.

That’s a box of pencils, not a box of crayons.