Mophie Universal Wireless Charger

Mophie Universal Wireless Charger

Holy crap, they still have these? I think @davejlives sent more of these out than cans of beans!

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" * Universal Wireless Charging Optimized for fast charge, the wireless charging stand delivers the fastest wireless charge your smartphone can handle. 7.5 Watts"

…if your phone is from like 2015. Or an apple of some sort, I guess. My Note20 wants a 25 watt charger for fast charging.

Is it no good for note 20?

Define good vs great. Yes, there is obvious differences. Received with beans and a separate purchase. Neither are opened nor used as we like 10ft cables that actually charge within an hour or 2.

Comments left solely on an anonymous Note20 5G powered on Android technology

Not sure about the sam 20 but my Pixel 4 xl needs 20 watt wirerless charging

Works on my Pixel 5.

Works great with my iPhone XR.


I think the note can only do 15 watts of wireless fast charging? Obviously it goes much faster than that when you’re using wire charging.

I wish this charged at 15 watts, as I think that’s what my LG can do with the qi charging pad. I also wonder if the LG dual screen can fit on this charging pad when it’s standing upright. But it’s such a niche device that a lot of people might not know what I’m talking about.

I bought one and it does NOT work on a Note 20.

Yeah, I misremembered that it came with a 25w wall wart and conflated that to the wireless. 15 watts wireless charging. I have a 10w Anker one that charges it ok but it complains about it not being powerful enough for super-fast charging,

I’m happy with the 10w myself; don’t want to barbecue the battery. I had to replace the battery on my s8+ twice when it started swelling up.