Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Knife

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Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Tactical Knife
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Country of origin?

Amazon’s page calls out manufacturing in Mora, Sweden.

Well the Morakniv tagline is

“If it doesn’t say “Made In Sweden” on the blade well… it probably isn’t”

Also, you can see the made in Sweden mark on the blade.

Eh buy a spyder co. Awesome knifes. Or a k bar.

The handle is some kind of rubbery plastic you’d expect to feel quite cheap, but is actually pretty grippy and comfortable. Also came sharp enough to shave hair out of the box. Back is squared off, enough to strike sparks with.

Only complaint is that the sheath wears into the handle, and otherwise feels very plasticky. The knife itself is great.

I own the Mora Bushcraft Black, which is basically what this knife is. From my understanding, the difference of the tactical is that it the sheath is more MOLLE compatible.

Aside from that, this knife is AMAZING. Comes sharp, is made of strong 1095 steel, Mora has an excellent reputation and this knife and all the iterations of the Bushcraft Black and have 5 stars on Amazon.

Just today, the 24th, my nephew and I chopped down a 3" thick Douglas Fir with this knife. Easy to sharpen and the blade takes a razor edge. Can’t recommend this blade, and Mora products in general, enough.

Mora makes great little bushcraft/camp/survival knives… But with this one you’re basically paying $20 for the corrosion resistant coating, and a slightly fancier handle and sheath. If you clean and oil the blade, you can skip the frills and get an equally functional Mora (the one I have an love) for less than $15

The blade is beefier too. A full 1/8" thick versus the thinner .08 on the other mora model.

I’ve decided to pull the trigger on this. Sounds like it keeps a good edge and I like the general look of it. I have come to prefer these plastic sheaths on my carry blades. The snaps on the leather sheaths I’ve used keep popping loose and that may be why I recently “misplaced” my Boker knife (also from Woot). Leather sheaths can be a pain to reholster the knife. I like a strap on my gun holster, but the knife comes out so often the straps can be a nuisance. It also looks like the handle on this knife will be more comfortable when it pokes me in my side.

It came with hair in the box?