Morakniv Bushcraft Knives - Your Choice!

The black one is identical to this one at the mothership that has a different model number and sells for $43.42. Add five dollars to this one and it’s $37.99. Still a decent savings but hardly a steal. As always take the list price with a grain of salt.

I’m very happy with all the Mora knives I’ve bought. Well made, practical, and a great edge from the factory.

Here’s the Morakniv pages for the two knives on this sale:

The black has a considerably thicker carbon blade. Other than that, and the color, the knives are identical.

Also, Amazon wants $30 for the Forest version:

Ooh, shiny picture! For anyone wondering about the length of the tang, someone sacrificed several Moras:


Oh wow. The buyer must have a good weekend because she came in singing and dropped the price on these right off the bat. You win! Pay less, cut more!

We lose because she couldn’t hold a tune with a bucket. Make it stop!

And if you already purchased, that money will be hopping back to you soonish.

be careful not a full length tang on these. They have had others that do have this around the same price

Mora knives are awesome. I have a few of the mora robust knives in tackle boxes, camping bags, etc. I wouldn’t really use it for extreme usages like batoning wood. It’s more of a chore knife. Cutting robe, slicing meat, stabbing aliens, etc. You know, typical camp activities.

For more strenuous tasks, look into other knives like ESEE.

Still, great light duty knife. For 99% of the stuff you’d need a knife this size for, it’s more than good enough.

These are great knives for their price point. Unless I’m missing something, the price here on Woot is not a smokin’ deal, but not bad.