Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife w/ Fire Starter & Sheath



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Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife w/ Fire Starter & Sheath
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at


Rock solid reviews at amazon
I have one of this companies knives, I love it, and the scandi grind is awesome!


what makes this better than one of these?? (appx $18.00)


Dunno about ‘better’ but the Amazon knife has a stainless blade while this one has a Carbon Steel blade w/Anti-Corrosive Black Coating. And a firestarter. I personally use a LightMyFire Swedish knife with a stainless blade.


“Amazon” knife is a mora with a carbon steel blade.
Differences, this one comes with the sharpener, and firesteel. Blade is also coated for corrosion resistance. Lastly this one says “Bushcraft” so its immediately worth more than 4x as much! :smiley:

Really though, yeah… but that one, force a patina on it with some vinegar, oil it well, and it will do a great job. If you want one so your friends will think your cooler as you baton wood (what a bad idea, bring a frickin hatchet) then this one will be the bees knees!

amazon link for the bushcraft kife is here

For the very nice heavy duty companion here

Both are very good knives, but one is way 1337’er than the other…


The Bushcraft has a significantly larger and thicker blade than the Companion. Also, the spine of the Companion does not come squared off, so if you want to use it for striking a ferrocerium rod you’ll need to file it square yourself.

I own a high-carbon Companion and a stainless Bushcraft Survival. I take the Bushcraft with me a lot more than the Companion.


I bought this from the mothership for twenty dollars more and even at that price I was happy. I did a lot of research about which knives offered the best bang for the buck and this knife was always in the conversation.

It’s not a full tang knife but at 3/4 it will handle anything 99% of its owners will throw at it. Many enthusiast blades are 100-150 dollars. I even started a fire with the attached flint.

It would be a good addition to your camping gear or bug-out-bad. Hey, woot! is selling bug out bags today…


Woot is selling a survival knife and a bug-out-bag on the same day… Perhaps they know something!


I came here to write this exact review. I love this knife. It’s hearty but not too heavy.


Will this work for Billy Joel?


I make knives as a hobby. I make them from scratch, so it starts out as a carbon steel plate. This is a good knife. Moraknves in my opinion are a great deal at retail for what you get. You will need to dry it off after use, even with the forced patina it has, but not a big deal. And the steel is way better than the 440 stainless most mass market knives are made with. (not all 440 is equal, but that’s another story)


thanks for info…made me scratch my head…


Where does Woot get their “list” prices from? These things are on amazon for $48-58. And that’s with prime, where you don’t have to wait 8 million weeks for it to ship like you do with Woot.

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MSRP tends to come from the manufacturer. Hence the M in MSRP. Amazon also shows the list price as $99. Why should Woot do any different?

In any event, after tax and shipping it ended up costing $47 for me here vs. $62 after tax via Amazon. That’s not nothing.


I have the orange version of this w/o the fire steel sheathe and black coating. I got it for $26 some time ago, so I think even at this price, it’s too expensive, but not by much for the fire steel, the sheathe with fire steel holder, and I guess the sharpener. I’ve never used a sharpener that small, but if you fish, it might also make a good hook sharpener.

I really like the knife. The rubber handle and ergonomics are comfortable, and I prefer the cylindrical, plastic sheathe. Not into the black, but more people seem to like it than not.