Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife w/ Fire Starter & Sheath

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Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife w/ Fire Starter & Sheath
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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I purchased this same one about a month ago through woot and it’s nice.

Morakniv makes fine knives but you can save $20+ if you don’t care about the firestarter or the whetstone and just buy one of their Companions. Same steel (minus the coating which is going to wear off anyway) same plastic sheath, $17 or so on Amazon. Do a quick read on how to patina carbon steel before you buy.

that is also a nice knife but does not compare to this one
the companion is 0.08" thick
this knife is 0.126" thick
more than 1/2 again as thick
and that makes it good to beat on!

Something like this would make a good holiday gift for the serious outdoor enthusiast. For anyone just day hiking and such a simple small pocket knife is sufficient.

Don’t get it. It’s a “saleout”. First thought is, Oh, it’s cheaper then what I paid last time. Nope. It’s not. Oh well, I’ll get all my friends cheaper knives so I’ll be the ONLY one to survive…

May not be cheaper than when I bought it last time, but still not a bad buy. Nice knife, I like it and would recommend it.

Woot used to have great deals, this isn’t a terrible deal but it would have been about half this price before amazon bought them. I saw this on a sellout and got excited, I should know better by now.

the knife is ok. you can attach a fire starter thingy ($1.99 at any hardware store), look for the one without the fire starter attachment. cheaper.

I bought 2 last time around. YES there are cheaper models YES you could buy a $2 fire starter. YES you can do your own patina. YES YES YES! BUT for the money and for an all-in-one package for the bug-out bag or camper enthusiast this is an unbeatable deal. This is the best version of one of the most bombproof knives i have ever come across. check out the torture tests on youtube. to all the naysayers if you dont think its a DEAL OF THE CENTURY…buy something else…to everyone else I’m telling you this is a good buy.

Sheesh - yes, you could spend the time to shop and get all those components and put the patina but (1) will be it as good, (2) how much is your time worth, and (3) how much are you really saving? This is only $45 with shipping.

I did get two on the last sale and really like them though one of them had two sizable bumps on the sharpening stone.

I just bought this knife, sans the fire starter and sharpening stone, on Amazon last week. It was a lightning deal and I paid $36. Now, to find it on Woot! with all the extras for nine dollars more just frosts my tic tacs.
Anyway, here is today’s Woot! on Amazon for $63.27

Surprised it is not full tang.

That was a concern for me too. But I bought 3 of these last month for myself and 2 relatives, and after using mine a bit, The blade holds an edge well, and I have gained some confidence that the knife as a whole will hold up to at least moderate use.
Although I haven’t tried to baton the blade through heavier wood (yet), I don’t believe the manufacturer intended these knives for that type of (ab)use.

One thing I strongly recommend for items attached to the exterior of any knife sheath, is that you secure those items with a lanyard. In my experience, the Kydex fingers on the sheath that hold the fire steel will likely be the first casualty, and if they fail, it will be at the worst possible moment. So I drilled a small hole in the handle of the Fire-Steel, and Made a fast-loop to secure it to the belt loop of the sheath, or anywhere I Choose.

- Best of luck!