Morakniv Craftline Knives & Chisels

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Morakniv Craftline Knives & Chisels
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime) OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 22 to Friday, Feb 23) + transit
Condition: New


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“extra-think” knives are the best

These knives good… Buy many…

Woohoo Woot! Woot! Woot #100 for me!!!

Hope I don’t lose too much blood with this woot.

Needed a chisel… found a chisel… woot!

Aww only 5 of each

I’ve got a few of the knives in both the carbon steel and the stainless. The single bevel edge stays sharp after many uses. I cut through about a bazillion (under estimated) heavy cardboard boxes and the knife remains sharp enough to shave by.

I have these in 4-inch and they are super. Great price, a real Woot! Had no issues buying 6 knives and 2 chisels, so limit of 10 is combined best I can tell.

How does the free Prime shipping work? I added a couple of these to my cart and get to the place order screen and it still list $5 for a shipping charge. I’ve logged out and back in making sure to use my Amazon login, but the $5 shipping charge remains. Any help?

Yes this is based on the old Swedish proverb:

Tänk två gånger innan du skär!

I followed a few prompts that resulted in linking my Amazon Prime account to my Woot account. I ended up with free shipping.

Unfortunately I was on autopilot; there was a popup window in which I logged into Amazon where I okay’d providing (OAuth style) name/email/prime status to Woot.

Actually, this post linked above seems to cover the details.

Login with amazon?

It’s complicated, and unrefined.

I tried to sign in with Amazon as requested, but password did not work, then I just decided to forget about it and made a normal order, then I was directed to sign in with amazon again, then directed to ‘link’ my amazon with my woot, then came back to the order page, then completed the order. I really felt wooted at the end.

I had to log back out and try a second time myself. I got so excited for this deal it felt like I was pulling the trigger on a BOC.

These knives are well priced at regular retail, and at 5 bucks a piece I went for the limit. Not having to pay shipping was icing on the cake. Moraknivs are well regarded by knife snobs who pay crazy prices for limited edition specials. I have a couple Moras that I use in the woodshop and around the house doing maintenance and projects that I’m very happy with.

Thanks for the deal.

Well I have tried everything (5 times now)under the sun and still being charged the 5.00. Woot particulars page for me even has a big “A” for Amazon next to or under affiliations.

Hmmmmm it is overcast today…so forget the sun comment.

These are great knives… at this price they are excellent. Seriously, I’ve had the chisel version since November 2016. I’ve only used it a few times; but, the blade is seemingly as sharp as the day I opened the package.

DO NOT CHECK THE SHARPNESS WITH YOUR FINGER! I bought one of these for my cousin for Christmas and it was the first thing he did. Needless to say hemorrhaging into wrapping paper isn’t a pleasant way to spend Christmas morning.

I just bought 5 more chisels and 4 trade knives to present as gifts for friends and family. This time I’ll include a warning label in the package.

Thanks Dan. That link helped me get through the linking process. One thing I had to do was allow pop-ups. That allowed the Amazon link pop-up window to appear where I completed the link process.

In for 3 of each. I have a Morakniv camp knife for canoeing, and I still can’t believe the quality of the blade for the $20 I paid for it. Sharp as all getout, even though in two years I haven’t touched the blade to a stone yet. For $5/ea, you can’ beat this for having one for every tool and tacklebox, as well as gifts for friends. Woot!

Thanks here too. Unfortunately now it make it more tempting to buy things not having to pay for shipping.

Did you sign in with your Amazon account? I purchased just fine with prime, no shipping.