Morakniv Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

Morakniv Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

This $10 morakniv is one of the best knives you can own. With practically no care, it will last far longer than a $10 knife should, and then you can throw it away and get a new one.

Looked like a good deal, and promised a Stainless Steel knife, but the one I received was Carbon Steel (stamped with the word ‘CARBON’)… This is definitely an inferior version of the knife that usually goes for under $15 on amazon.

Not happy about this.

I just received my knives (I ordered 2) and they are carbon, not the steel as advertised. Not happy.

I also received the carbon steel version.

I also received the carbon steel version. It looks like amazon is keeping our stainless steel knives and selling them for more…

Amazon is selling the carbon steel version for like 13 so this wasn’t much of a deal at all. …

I also got a Carbon blade. Do we have any options here?

Did any of you contact support? Curious what kind of comp you got. Nothing actually wrong with the knife though.

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I also got the carbon instead of stainless. I definitely was ordering this for the stainless version, already have several carbon ones. Woot can you help?

Hi all. I’m sorry for the issue with the blades. I’m contacting our buyer and CS.

In the meantime, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Received email stating it’s basically the same except you have to dry it off. Should probably have mentioned the need to oil it to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

I asked for the stainless steel version and they told me they couldn’t do that because it was sold by a drop shipper. I got a refund and they told me to keep the knife.

I haven’t decided if I want to buy the stainless steel version elsewhere. The carbon steel is still a good knife however I was going to put this is my motorcycle bags which always seem to get wet on trips so it will probably get rusty.

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For a knife stored like that, I’d definitely get the Stainless version.
The carbon knife is still a great knife and easier to sharpen than the stainless knife.
I’m glad woot took care of you. :+1:

ps… For a knife to stick in a bike bag, I’d go with something like a Kershaw Blur or Chive or something. All stainless & speed assist opening. You can pick up a ‘Blem’ pretty cheap on an auction site that’s very high quality.