Ok, I have a list of problems. @wajeremy must have sabotaged the app before he left.

  1. So when I go and click on the green grotto thread, it automatically opens YouTube to a video that was linked in an earlier post. I didn’t click the video. It’s done it every time I click it.
  2. When I type a reply the app goes all crazy and the keyboard covers the text box that shows you what you are typing or it’s just a white screen.

Just some really annoying things that make it less enjoyable to use the app. Get working on hiring that new CTO.
All of my love, willdavi
Fix the damn app

This is what I’m talking about

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App went straight to YouTube when I clicked on the green grotto thread.

I have the same issues

iPhone 8 Plus
iOS 13.3.1
Woot V241

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Also I clicked on all of these.

@Ajit31415 - is this App Narg?

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I’m happy to report my android Samsung note 9 is just fine. Even if I am using Sprint.
Oh wait. I’m on wifi. N/M. Carry on then.

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I haven’t seen that

Gotta press and hold on that screen. I was trying to copy/past the app info. Maybe info for devs to use?

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Ok. I’ll try it when I’m not so tired.

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Typing away. No issue on iPhone 7. Grotto was fine too. Do you go to grotto via a bookmark? Was it set to or was the most recent post that video.

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No bookmarks.

What video are you seeing ( can you paste that link here)
Also unable to reproduce this on my end. Weird… were you on Green Grotto VI thread?

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Yes and I was seeing the most recent video posted. A video was posted and when I clicked on the thread that video came up and when a new video was posted that video was now the video that comes up

So you’re being forced to watch the latest video? Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

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I’m on a Note10+ and the appoltergeist only seems to mess with the display when I land in the app via an email link any of those other auto-redirect routes. I don’t think it’s tried to send me to YouTube, but it has tried to open something and just closed in protest - might be YouTube, since that’s one of my sleeping apps?

I figured it was just part of Samsung’s campaign for their new Galaxy S20’s, driving existing Note owners a little more insane with frustration every day…


my app won’t run anymore. starts, quits. repeatedly. i’ve cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled. phone gets shut down every night & restarted, yet app won’t stay running.

Hi there. Sorry for the issues. There’s also app data that you should be able to clear. If that doesn’t do it, could you give me some information:

Device & version
OS & version
App version