Thank you!

Our guys are talking to the Pay w/Amazon guys. They’re reverting a change they made to see if that helps.

Hi @ThunderThighs - I had the same happen in a non-BOC purchase (darn you Vestibule) - complete spaz-out of the app in verifying my payment method. Running the latest version on iOS and linked to my Prime membership. No guitar strings for me :’-(

Yeah, i’m willing to bet you’ll see in your sales stats there are very few BOC purchases from IOS devices. This is incredibly frustrating…dumped into a login screen for each and every purchase. I’m done for the night, I think…enough angst in the world without getting angry at my phone!

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Thank you for the feedback. Our guys are still talking to the Amazon Pay guys. We’re kinda at their mercy for the fix.


Remember that for the BOC, you don’t have to use Login with Amazon. BOCs are $9.99 for everyone and no shipping is charged.

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Doesn’t seem to matter…can’t stay logged in to the app. I suppose I pay shipping on everything I want and try and stay logged in that way? Yeah, except no.

Problem is with the inevitable stall trying to buy. Add anything to cart and you have to log in.

The issue we are currently tracking has to do only with Amazon Pay/Login on iOS 14. Are you experiencing something different?

The login thing is Amazon as well. We’re going to work with them next year to improve it but they own all the code dealing with their login/pay stuff.

Same thing, just never stays “logged in” it seems.

My app also freaked out like the screenshot above. It happened on at least 1 BoC and a regular item as well. I do have IOS14 so I guess I’m just lucky :weary:
I just wish I had read about these issues before the woot off ended! So many VOPs today!!

Not sure it’s an app exclusive issue but the sorting options of the Amazon reviews don’t seem to be working presently.

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Yes, same for me. When I click to sort Amazon reviews to “Most Recent,” it never changes anymore. Been like this for at least a week for me.

@ThunderThighs or anybody - is this a known issue? Any fix suggestions?

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I have an issue trying to figure out where it is best to reply in a busy thread. For example, TT’s forum, I didn’t know if I should try and go to the end (which was impossible because comments kept pouring in) or do I post a reply right under the opening of the chat itself?

Your comment will automatically go to the end so you don’t have to actually go to the end of the thread first to reply. Is that what you’re asking?

Seems to be specific to the app. I’ll put in a ticket to the developers. Thanks for the post.

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This forum does not use nested replies, so you can go either way.
Replying at the top of the topic, or at the end, will both add your comment to the bottom of the thread (and during a busy event, you are correct that it is difficult to get to that bottom “reply button” - so feel free to use the top one).
If you want to reply to a specific person within a thread, clicking on the “comment” button on their post, will add their @ so they will be alerted there was a reply, and there will be an arrow at the top of your comment so folks can see the parent comment, if they want to follow it back.
But physically, your comment will still go to the bottom of the thread.

Does that make sense/answer what you were asking?