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I’d like to know how the touchless pepper grinders work. Do they have built in anti-gravity along with some proximity sensor? Do you just wave your hand at it and point in the general direction of the food you want peppered? What happens if you try to touch it - do you have to chase it around the house or does it emit an electric bolt? Just a few questions before I push the button so to speak.

It might just me, but I thought pressing and touching were pretty much similar.

“Easy to operate, just press the button on top and let the mill go to work”

I have one that you just hold upside down and it grinds. Although holding is technically touching also.

I love itouchless. I have bought a number of their products from woot and never been disappointed…adding to my collection today.

Bought the two grinder set (Pepper & Salt) last time. Both are gutless grinders. Tried the pink Himalayan Salt and it doesn’t grind but it works slightly better with regular sea salt. They work ok with peppercorns but the batteries do not last for more than a few meals. I’ve used new Duracell, Energizer and Kirkland batteries in both grinders. Woot doesn’t take things back easily.

I see quite a few trashcans for sale that are 18-23 gallon cans, but have you ever tried to find bags for that size? Most stores carry 13 gallon to 30 gallon and nothing in between. Even on the mothership I have had trouble finding a 20 gallon when I needed it.

Just food for thought.

iTouchless ST13RTF 13 Gallon 139.99

So what is the difference between this and the one amazon is selling for 109.99?

Both listed with 199 original price. Funny cause woot has always supposed to have been good discounts and now it’s 30$ more on woot then amazon. I guess they mixed the price up between sites.

broke within 6 weeks of buying- don’t waste money

I bought the 13 Gallon Extra-Wide Touchless Trash Can for $59 at the beginning of December. Still operating just fine on its first set of batteries.

We gave it a name, so we could explain to someone in another room why we were laughing, as it makes us laugh/is annoying when it opens just from walking or standing near it, but other than that it’s great.

Mom bought us kids some cheap Chinese crap salt and pepper grinders like these. So far, I have been blown away. They haven’t broken yet. They go through batteries pretty quickly (We use AA NIMH rechargeables everywhere to avoid that pain). Everyone who visits and “asks for the salt” is totally enthralled, even the ones who try to break them by twisting them because they don’t realize they’re magical. The light on the bottom is cool. Adjustable grind works. Mine fell out of the cabinet (they are top heavy) and struck the bottom corner of itself against our kitchen counter, permanently bent the inner plastic around where the salt comes out. Still works. Oh well! I’m actually a fan of the super cheap crappy ones, and I can’t imagine these are any crappier.

I very excitedly bought the EZ Faucet Sensor Faucet Adaptor because I’m in a wheelchair and thought it would make my life a bit easier; however, when my husband when to install it, he discovered where it needs to be attached to the faucet, it’s not wide enough to fit on our bathroom faucet. And to make things even better, there’s no adjuster on the adapter. We emailed the product company for help but didn’t hear back from them, and it was too late to return it. Just a thought if this is sold again, plus does anyone have any ideas to make it fit? Anyone want t buy one? :slight_smile: