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what’s the warrantee on the Panini grill?

Howdy! We list the warranty at the bottom of the features on the sale page.

The panini grill is:

Warranty: 180 Days Breville

BEWARE! The Rösle Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are small, tiny and miniscule! Be sure to look at the specs before you invest so many $$ just to have that brand name in your kitchen.

Question on the glazed clay baker :

Good for no-knead bread recipes ?
It might be too big ?
They usually say 11 or so inches round.
Thoughts from any bakers out there ?

Hey are you guys gonna get any more of those breville smart ovens? That would be a-mazing!

Can you use the pepper mill to grind salt? I know some mills will work on both salt and pepper.

how much pepper can I put in these mills at a time?

I’m a huge fab of Shun, sharpest knives I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. 3000, well no longer, I keep one for my own knife set, cannt wait to give my Chef the other. Thank you again Woot, next time where at a bar I got the night covered.

So, in Late March, Home.Woot had the Cuisinart microwave for…$89.99.

Five months later, in SELLOUT.Woot, in a Kitchen CLEARANCE, you’re selling it for…$89.99.

Sometimes you have pretty good deals, Woot.

And sometimes you blow chunks.

When did 1/5 qt start qualifying as a “mixing bowl?”

What is this, a mixing bowl for ants? It needs to be at least… THREE TIMES BIGGER THAN THIS!

Anyone know if the William Bounds 19707 8.25" Clear/Walnut Top Pepper Mill is any good? I cant seem to find any reviews on it. I could definitely use a decent pepper mill though.

I purchased a set of three of the “mixing bowls” and “medium mixing bowls” the last two times they were offered here on w00t.

While I agree “mixing bowl” is a misnomer, they are a heavy, good quality bowl. These bowls are best suited for use in setting up your mise en place or for other food prep. When I cook I will prepare things like diced onions, diced peppers, sliced mushrooms, etc. and put them in their own little bowl before I start cooking. That way all I have to do is dump them in the pan at the right time. I have also used the bowls to crack eggs into prior to cooking. The larger of the two (the “medium” one) is large enough to beat an egg with a whisk.

While six of each is enough for me, they do get continual use in my kitchen. Yes, they seem a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. These are a high quality product.

Oh yeah, the “extra large” bowl that is presently sold out is also a good product. Everyone should grab one of these the next time they come around.

I have a Pampered Chef clay cooker and make ribs, pot roast etc in mine and it’s wonderful. They don’t sell the one as large as I have anymore, so picked up one of these. Seems to have more “care” instructions so that is the only thing that concerns me. Seems based on reviews I’ve read is if you make sure not put anything cold in it and go straight to the oven you should be good. Also…not straight into a hot oven. Put in THEN put the oven on…can’t wait to try a roasted chicken.

I own the Cuisinart mixer available here. I bought mine in 2008, and every time I use it, I’m so grateful I own the thing. It’s heavy-duty, so it can mix dough made from freshly-ground wheat. I’ve over-heated mine just twice; add a little water to the dough and it will mix it up again without problems.

If you’re an adventurous baker, this is a great mixer to own. But it is pretty heavy, so you’ll most likely want to keep it on a countertop instead of in a cupboard.

Not sure where they came up with the $800 price tag, though: even Cuisinart’s web page shows the suggested retail price as $549, not $800.

I was looking at the pepper mill also. I’m hesitant because of the plastic body. Found reviews on one of their different pepper mills and while it has mostly positive reviews some complained about the plastic breaking.

And it’s not very well reviewed on Amazon. 52 out of 90 reviews are 1 or 2 stars.