More Labs Morning Recovery Peach, 6 Pack

More Labs Morning Recovery Peach, 6 Pack


Epic. disappointment.

Lunch time

ooooo! its got milk thistles!

I want to go back to bed. -_-

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Is this good for hangovers?

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For after TT’s Happy Hour tonight.


How is this better than pedialyte?

It’s what plants crave.


Non gmo? And it looks less complicated than making a bloody Mary

I’m confused. Isn’t this for when you’ve had to much to drink the night before? If so, why does it show this guy using it to make what’s obviously one of those fru fru cocktails that has so much crap on top of it that you need a machete to drink the damn thing?

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RIP any plants killed because people read this :cry:

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A recipe from Morning Recovery:
"Bourbon Without Consequence


Place 3 blackberries and bourbon into a glass and muddle until blended. Add two basil leaves and muddle lightly as to only bruise the herb. Add lemon juice, Morning Recovery, honey and transfer to a cocktail shaker. Add ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Top off with sparkling wine and garnish with a blackberry skewer and basil."


Speaking of which, I’m going to be a tad late. :frowning:

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Almost sounds like a BoC, but it is a BwC instead.

Now… Bourbon of Consequences… sounds like a good BoC.


Is this made with natural sweeteners? Because it’s moving like molasses in February.

mmmm, delicious placebo

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So, even pretending that this stuff works, you’ve added a bunch of mixers to the bourbon so it no longer tastes like bourbon and this stuff so it no longer affects you like alcohol. So what is exactly the point? Couldn’t you just eat some blackberries, drink some lemonade, and call it a day?