More Monitors!!

Bought two of the wide angle 27 Samsungs last time. Great monitors overall, but both have a little light bleed where the monitor attaches to the stand.

the small USB one is interesting… but 8 watts power consumption is a lot to ask for if it is powered by USB – something like 1.6 amps from 5 volts, where USB specification requires a supply of only 0.5 amps per port (they can supply more, but you shouldn’t expect it on anything USB compliant/certified).

still, I think I’ll pass. what I really want is to find the smallest 1080P (or higher) display of which is also the most affordable. like something netbook sized but actually be 1920x1080 or more pixels crammed into a very fine pitch. I’d use them in various projects I have in mind, as well as portable applications and portable application development. but anything I can find that’s even close often are made for professional uses costing as much as a home theater grade display. no, I need small size and low power.

I hear you on the power. Sometimes I use a “powered” USB hub, which takes the burden away from the connecting device (ex. Raspberry Pi, phone, etc.) but is still very portable.

I am not sure if these will work for you , but here are a few links just in case:

(1600x900) or (1920X1080)

I have seen the ASUS priced under $250 if you shop around. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have been watching woot for a monitor with Displayport for months. The BenQ’s have them, but it looks like none of these do. I wish there was a monitor with displayport that was under $200.

I’ll pass your wish to the team.

Please note that this e1649Fwu USB Monitor doesn’t handle Windows 8. You need at least the e1659Fwu.

um… I’m typing to you on this monitor from Windows 8 from the e1649Fwu that I bought from this very page and it works fine!