More Skulls

didn’t anyone tell woot that skulls are so over?!?!

Nice Misfits reference!

Not bad. First black one in a while (or ever?).

Wow, I must have wandered onto the hot topic website by accident.

But on the bright side, you’ll be able to have a cool shirt to wear while you listen to your lincoln park and limp biscuit cds.

generic-ness at its best.

These skulls are way too pastel. And the whole concept of skulls is some kind of goth/emo thing you can’t really get away with outside of high school.

if those skulls were any bigger, it would start looking like an 80s Bones Brigade shirt…which isnt necessarily a bad thing…

In for One.

Cool shirt, bought one immediately.

Cool shirt, not sure about the guns…I’ll pass, but I’m sure it will sell out…

very funny!

whatever you haters, i scored one just to spite you

Not a fan of the goth/emo thing. Not a fan of this shirt.

By the way, people who wear skulls, do you wear them because they actually say something about you or do you just wear them because they’re supposed to look cool and you’re a giant tool who wears non-conformist conformist clothing?

Just wondering.

Yeah… why the guns? A political statement?

my first shirt woot.

i dig it

With that skull and crossbones thing going on, I can’t tell whether the design says I Love Halloween, Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or “Help! I drank that bottle you keep under the sink!” In any case, I’m in for one while I figure it out.

“Having previously misjudged your need for g a y pride pubic hair tree designs, Mike would like to give it another shot.”

That’s got to be the best snippet in a shirt.woot description so far…

i dont see how skulls are emo…


psh, get with the times people…

plus, i lied before. If i cut myself you can see blood on the black, so how would people see…

meh. skulls are about as in as tie dye. and since i already wear tie dye, i can’t afford to get any more un-hip than i already am.