More Things With A Plug

Looks like the pretzel maker is a few bucks cheaper and eligible for prime on amazon…not so great reviews (17, 1.5 star average). They are pretty amusing though!

So I’m trying to imagine the discussion that took place when they conceived of the Cuisinart Blend-and-Cook Soup Maker.

Product Manager: Our research shows that consumers want a product to transform the simple process of making soup into something much more complex and dangerous.

Engineer #1: “Hey! Why don’t we take a perfectly good hotplate and attach a glass jar on top to inhibit access to it.”

Engineer #2: "Yes. And then mount some sharp, fast-spinning blades inside to make it dangerous.

Engineer #1: And with the hotplate affixed to the motor, it can’t be submersed in water nor placed in a dishwasher for cleaning."

Product Manager: "Yes, perfect! These things should sell like crazy!

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