More Things With A Plug

Why would I need to massage a penguin? And even if I did, where the heck would I plug anything in?

Home Depot has the Dale Tiffany Amber lamp (listed here at $95) for $70 with free shipping. So, $30 less. C’mon, woot!

So who is Dale Tiffany, anyways? If I buy one of these lamps can I make friends and influence people?

The Sept issue of Consumer Reports has ratings for pod coffee makers. The CBTL model Americano made number 10. Apparently the main difference between that model and the model sold here is cup size.

The problem is finding the pods; though it appears the Bed, Bath and Beyond has some selections.

The Toaster oven??? Those who bought it…can you tell me what you think of it, please? How is it working? I want to get one for my friend’s daughter who is getting her own apartment at college this fall. Would all you purchasers recommend it? If no, why not?

I really like it BUT the one I received is not what is pictured. The one I received did not have the time which for some is a big deal, for me it wasn’t. I did notify CS and they were not too interested in fixing the photo. So, works really great but no timer.

Got the CBTL on another sale here. VERY happy with the coffee and am ordering another for my office. Makes a great espresso (though am not super in love with the regular coffee). If you add a milk frother, you have a great option for lattes at significantly less than the $5 you could be spending on a cup of coffee at nameless big chain. The pods are hard to find, but I solved the problem by setting up scheduled deliveries with Amazon. They are, though, cheaper at Bed Bath and Beyond.