More Wine. Less States.


Quick explanation on what will be a recurring woot plus event. When we approach wineries, the quality of wine and value is not the only criteria we use when assessing an offer. We turn town many many wineries during our due diligence stage because they do not have enough states to ship into to justify a daily slot. it happens all the time. Great wine, crummy state list.

We decided, rather than just not work with the winery, to place wines we really liked with limited state lists to a designated woot plus. No harm no foul. The state list will change by offer. And the good folks in Woot Texas have devised an easy reference list of states on a per offer basis. Today being the best example of the term limited! Most will have more than 2 states. And you can almost always count on California and Florida.

Happy to discuss in more detail.


I have to admit – I was completely confused. Thanks for the explanation, WD.

I love this idea. Being in CA, though, I have never felt the bitter sting of not being able to get a wine.

This could turn over some pretty awesome offers considering how difficult it is for smaller wineries to afford the $$$$ for covering “enough” states. Fun.

My thoughts exactly.

Can’t wait for the “no state” offer. Surprised that didn’t happen today.

Dagnabbit! We should have done that!

//puts note on calendar for next year

Great idea, WD! May I provide a suggestion? Still River Winery makes a truly amazing apple ice wine called Apfel Eis. It’s like a subtle reisling, not too sweet and perfectly textured.

They ship to AK, CA, DC, FL, IA, MA, MN, MO, NC, NM, and NY. I can already get mine here in NC, but I’d love to be able to share their amazing juice with more wooters.

Great idea though I am biased being I live in CA! One thing I’d like to see is some form of notes on offers like these (especially most offers will likely be from smaller wineries). Not necesarilly rats but even someone from WCC? The SB is screaming my name but have nothing to go on! Tough to jump on six with no TN. Just a thought.

Too busy yesterday to notice this thread; read it today, and thought at first that it must be an April Fool’s Joke. Nope.

i’m on it ! thanks. any others?

There is some sort of psychological phenomenon happening in my cranium. I’m on a SIWBM but feel affronted that there is wine here which otherwise I might buy (except I shouldn’t) that I can’t, but other people can.

In short, I want the Chardonnay.

Dammit WD, Y U DO THIS?

Curious about the messenger blend, if the winery pops in what was the goal behind the blend? Is it meant for a specific market or fill a hole in the wineries lineup?

There are a lot of great NC Muscadines that deserve a broader audience.

Could this be an interesting way to get more imports in as well? Like, say, a Canadian winery or two?

I would love to see some of the smaller Napa wineries that ship to Arizona, since we seem to miss out on so many. Tres Sabores, Casa Nuestra , JC Cellars, Dashe are a few of my favorites.

Anyone have anything to say about any of these wines? As a Floridian I am curious… Not much on CT.

Hi, winemaker here. Actually, the only goal was making a great wine. It started because we had bits and pieces of older wine and we started blending it with a bit of younger wine, but figured we would never bottle it. More for our consumption. After a few years we got better and better at it and people that we served it to…asked to buy it.
The older bits and pieces have these wonderful multi-layered textures and nuiances that you only get with age. The younger components add bright color and a pop of fruit. It is a tricky wine to sell because we can’t vintage date it - we call it Multi-vintage (instead of No Vintage). Offering it to customers via Woot is a wonderful opporturtunity for us because we can explain what we are doing. (Which is hard to do at a retail store or on a restaurant wine list). I will say this wine is kick ass…(in my humble opinion).

Yes it is great to be a gator. I started college at the University of Alabama and some of my favorite memories are going to Florida for football games.
The Chardonnay is crazy good. It is actually a bit spicy - a lovely little zing, but with a mouthfeel that lingers.
The Circadia Cabernet is a wonderfully balanced wine. Lush berry flavors over a back bone of good tannins and acidity.
the girls in the vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc is probably the most popular wine we make. It always sells out before the last of the summer heat spells. It just smells like summer. Melon and citrus with just a hint of cut grass. When I have the winter blues I just open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and stick my nose in it. (And of course, I drink it up!)

Thanks for the response, I hadn’t even caught that it was NV. I don’t think there is a lot of prejudice here against NV wines, I have had a few that were indeed quite tasty, the wellington duke comes to mind and so does stillmans red Zeppelin vindication come to mind. calling it multi-year is possibly confusing as the industry standard is NV.

Funny… it tends to be the"gate keepers" that have a bit more prejudice to the vintage designation. I think the consumer just wants a wine that tastes good. No Vintage sounds negative to me. And it is used in the industry if you don’t want to give a wine a vintage designation. The reality is because of the way federal labeling laws are written we can’t give it a designation. Sometimes it is a 1% difference. If I had 1% less of the older wine I could vintage designate it. I would rather make a better wine - and that 1% can make all the difference.