Morgan Winery White - 4 Pack



Morgan Winery White - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2009 Metallico Un-oaked Chardonnay, Monterey
1 2008 Highland Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands
1 2009 R&D Franscioni Pinot Gris, Santa Lucia Highlands
1 2009 Monterey Sauvignon Blanc
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Oh my. Looks like we’re trying to unload all of the crisp, refreshing juice before fall really sets in. Solid acidity numbers on all four.

I’ve too many whites and things to drink soon already, but this certainly seems a nice assortment.

I hope I’m ratting the Pinot Gris, as I have a somewhat irrational attachment to the grape, and grow mightily annoyed when winemakers take advantage of it.


WD, you finally got Morgan in the house! I still consider their Twelve Clones to be my benchmark for a sub-$30 Pinot Noir. Any chance of seeing any of their reds in the future (pretty please)?


Does the unoaked Chard undergo ML and sur lees aging? I tend to find stainless no-ML Chards dull, but full on toasty oak, buttery ML and creamy sur lees too much. The middle ground–stainless for freshness, (partial or full) ML and/or sur lees for body–is interesting to me now. It’s Chard-oh-yeah!


I like the white wines. What concerns me is that I’ve been drinking a lot of wine lately and my other “Morgan” friend is feeling neglected. I’m going to have to talk this over with the Captain before I decide.


Standard boilerplate question for all offers I remember to post it for:

What additives if any were used to produces this wine? In particular, was Velcorin or Mega-Purple used?

Obviously, Mega Purple doesn’t apply here, but if folks can ask “is this Kosher” then I can ask “is this Mega Purple,” right?!? :slight_smile:


You never know, man - that Sauv Blanc has some pretty crazy color on it…


Mega-white? :tongue:


oooh… looks like screw-tops on the Metallico and the Sauvignon Blanc!


Rats… I so want the unoaked Chardonnay.


Aside from leaving me unable to show off for friends (who all roll their eyes when the wine key comes out anyway,) is that bad?


Oh, the debate. For drink now wines, like these whites for example, screw tops are fantastic. Substantially decrease bottle variation, no risk of cork taint, and easy to open, to name some pros. The long term effects of screw tops is debatable and is indeed heavily debated.


Rat reduxer for me as well. So I think we’ve all checked in to this point.

Four, count 'em, four, whites for ~$15 each. I will be disappointed if worldofjohnboy isn’t in for at least two on this offer.

And I will be quite happy with the unoaked chardonnay, no malo chardonnay.


Not by me, but then, I have no cellar (at all… you should see my garage!) and so I tend to not store wines for long.

Short term, I’ve never had a problem.


The refinery has helpful “shelf talkers” for point-of-sale, with wine ratings and (very) brief comments for the Pinot Gris and the Sauvignon Blanc.

Only ratings 88 and above, of course.


Wine Curmudgeon liked the 2008 Un-Oaked Chardonnay (NOT the 2009, but Morgan claims, “Morgan delivers consistency from bottle to bottle and from vintage to vintage. Though everyone at Morgan is proud of our accomplishments, we feel that our best wines are yet to come,” so I’m sure it’s the same. :slight_smile:


All my favorite whites in one package. I hate it that summer is winding down but this looks delicious. In for one and have a great weekend all.


My experience with Morgan over the past 20 years or so has been solid - primarily with the Chardonnay and occasionally the Pinot Noir, which were often available locally. QPR usually quite good, quality always good, sometimes a bit better than that.