Morning Fox

Love the design intricacies.

Intense. Kinda cool. Little creepy.

I think the problem with the macro picture is that the eyes are too close together. But I liked the small details enough to buy a pair regardless.

Been a while on the foxes, Woot. Been a while…

What does the fox say?


Yup, totally forgot about the filter here!

Is this the kind of material that will shrink up after the first washing?

The shirts are 100% cotton, so the amount of shrinkage will depend on your care and which brand you purchase. If you buy the standard Anvil offering, expect it to lose up to 10% in length if you use a dryer; 3% if line drying. The American Apparel option fares better in my experience; about 4% in the dryer and <1% line dried. Your machine (and method) may vary.

Do note that the men’s AA shirts start out longer too. Women’s, the two are not size comparable. Always check the sizing charts!

Hehe. Kinda funny though.

If you’re buying a Men’s Small or smaller, don’t bother. It’s a microscopic design on a shirt that size.