Morning Industry Keypad Deadbolt - Your Choice

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Morning Industry Keypad Deadbolt - Your Choice
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I bought one of these in January and have been happy with it. Unless your house is new and the door installed perfectly you will need to tweak the door plate recess opening to get everything to align properly. I’d never done this before so installation took about 30 minutes with a power drill.


The keypad lights up during the day and not at night. Kind of weird.

Twice I’ve hit a number button and had the keypad completely lock up and beep constantly until I removed the batteries. If my car with the spare physical key were in the garage rather than in front of the house I would have been locked out and had to break in. For this reason I’m considering replacing this lock with another brand.

Bought a year ago. It gets confused and has to be reset every now and then. Last month the bolt return spring broke.

I bought one here a while back. I like the idea, but I ended up removing it. It was eating batteries. I was changing them what seemed like every 10 days to 2 weeks. The motor also seems to be a bit weak for the job. So, I reinstalled the old dead bolt.

I purchased one of these over a year ago haven’t had any issues, but I use hi end batteries, they cost more but are recomended by the manufacture. My lock also is able to unlock thru a phone app, I was wondering if this item is also able to do this…

The description says “auto-lock feature”. After reviewing the manufacturer’s Web site, I cannot find mention of this feature for the HF-01P.

From that description, I would infer that the mechanism will lock itself after some amount of time. Can anyone confirm that this feature exists?

[MOD: We have removed that bullet from the features.]

This is the main issue i have with this unit as well. I have three of them. They will run thru batteries every three months. That can get expensive.

No it does not automatically lock after a certain period of time.

Most users will only require a philips screwdriver for installation and is a direct replacement for their standard locks.

The keypad should light up at night. Call the mfr. They will replace your keypad under warranty.

You also want to make sure you use a quality set of batteries for long lasting power. Duracell and Energizer are the way to go.

Hi, the mfr will replace this under warranty. You can call 1-800-355-0157 and they will promptly ship out a replacement.

This is a keypad only model.

Switch to a higher quality batteries. Batteries can last over a year depending on how often you use the lock.

so 12x4 = 48/year, about $20 for good ones in quantity. One of these and two of these total $90. My Eneloops are still going great on five years, although not on continuous cycle. Maybe a wash, likely a bit more costly overall; but you’d not have to buy and dispose of 240 batteries over five years.

IT’s not worth it.
I have 3 different locks and different properties and have this on my main house. I installed this 3 months ago and am on my third set of batteries!!! And i don’t have kids, only three people access this door.
I installed a schlage connect on one of my VRBO properties at the same time and have it setup to autolock after 30 seconds and as of today it is @ 94% battery capacity with the same batteries I installed in this unit. That property has been rented 46 out of tghe last 90days.

Also, the schlage has a slide off cover to replace the batteries whereas this one you have to unscrew a very small little screw that is very easily stripped, and given the fact that I’ve replaced batteries on average ever 4-6 weeks it would only be a matter of time before the screw is no longer functional.

I have a different brand of lock but we have had the current set of batteries in for over 10 months now and I have two boys who like to use the keypad.

It is great for kids to use as well as cleaning crews etc.

Just buy good batteries instead of saving a few bucks on the junk ones.

Anyone know what the model number is? I’d love to check reviews on Amazon.

Model HF-01

HF-01SN and HF-01P