Morning Industry QF-01SN Keypad Remote Deadbolt

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Morning Industry QF-01SN Keypad Remote Deadbolt
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12/22/2015 - $59.99 - Click To See Discussion (9 comments)

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4.0 Stars over at Amazon

My review over on Amazon. I’ve had one for years now. It works great, but follow the tips in my review.

good review, but what you suggest makes the door less secure and the door may not properly seal out the weather.

Hmmm, no, making the strikeplate to let the deadbolt travel freely doesn’t do any of that!

Our door is slightly out-of-whack so our Schlage keypad deadbolt does need to be strongly finger-turned and forced into the latch. But as integrator97 says, with this one there better not be any force required as only an electric solenoid is driving the deadbolt, not your fingers as with a Schlage.

Correct; as long as the door knob latch is set correctly to hold the door tightly sealed, no pressure should be placed on the deadbolt at all (unless someone is trying to open the door while locked, anyway), and the weather should be properly sealed out. People who have doors that require pushing shut to lock the deadbolt should have their knob latch adjusted, the deadbolt hole opened up, or stop slamming their cat in the jam.

Thanks for the review! It helped push me over the edge to get one.

I have the door-knob version of this, using it all the time. Installed about 2-3 years ago. It remotely opens the door from the garage to the house, which is perfect for letting the kids in while I get things from the car. Would buy it again – might even get the dead-bolt to install in the front door.

After researching all the major brands, I bought the Schlage electronic manual deadbolt for two reasons: known quality of Schlage locks, and the lack of a motor-driven bolt. I have an old heavy wood door & frame that shrinks & swells alot during the change of seasons here on the Texas Gulf Coast. What latches now perfectly will be tough to lock next week when the weather & humidity changes. I didn’t want to chance being locked out, or unable to lock my home due to the tiny electric motor not being able to move the bolt. The Schlage only throws a tiny solenoid inside the lock housing when the correct code is entered, you must physically twist a knob that throws the bolt. Battery life is fantastic since it only lights the keypad & activates a solenoid. After almost 3 years of service the 9v battery was still like new (I have a battery load test meter for work). I only replaced it for peace of mind.
I would highly recommend the “unpowered” type deadbolt if you have a door that tends to change with the weather like mine.