Morning Industry QF-01SN Keypad Remote Deadbolt

You can easily avoid this.

The trick is to make sure there is no resistance on the bolt as it moves in and out of the hole in the door jamb.

If you feel any resistance on the bolt as it extends and retracts, you will have to bore out the hole in the door jamb.

This item is actually a direct replacement for most doors with a standard deadbolt configuration.

Your door jamb will need modification if there is a misalignment that applies pressure on the bolt.

Another common issue is the use of low quality batteries. We all know the batteries we use for our tv remote control WILL NOT work or last as long for an electronic deadbolt lock. Please make sure you are using high quality alkaline batteries.

The FOB remote control is actually great for disabled individuals who are either in bed or on a couch and can unlock the door for guest without going to the door.

If you call MiLocks they are very good at replacing faulty items and troubleshooting over the phone. No waiting on the phone either, you get a tech support rep on the phone in seconds. 1-800-355-0157 M-F 9am - 5pm PST

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended.

You want to use a premium set of AA alkaline batteries.

DO NOT use the batteries from your remote control or low quality batteries.

Most customers are surprised to find their issue was battery related even though they were sure it was not.

Also, do not rely on a battery tester to determine battery life. Alot of the customers overlook the batteries because of their tester results. Once they replace batteries lock is working great again.

This lock will also integrate into your Insteon smart home system which lets you lock and unlock remotely from your smartphone. You will need to purchase the MorningLinc module $49 at

If you do not have Insteon in your home, you can purchase the MorningLinc which works as a standalone system that offers the same convenience of locking and unlocking remotely from your smartphone. $99 at home depot with no monthly service fee for using the Insteon app. Other smart home systems will charge you a monthly fee for this type of service.

Yeah, it is too bad that I had to go buy a lock that day because I took possession of my new house and needed to replace the lock. I wasn’t going to sit with the old deadbolt on it while waiting for a replacement.

As I said in my post, it was likely a single faulty item, but it happened. If I have to contact the company to get a working version, then I am not going to be a happy customer.

Anyone know if these locks have any technical ratings? ANSI, UL, etc?

I don’t have this specific lock, but a similar one that Home Depot had on clearance for ~$40, without a remote control option. It has a feature that you can set to auto-lock after 30 seconds. Its good for those of us that can’t remember if they locked it or not. I’ve had it for a couple months and it seems to still be powerful enough to lock without problems on the original Costco batteries. You can manually lock/unlock it with a key if you like or just press the ‘enter’ button to have it lock when you are outside. It makes a ‘motor’ sound as it engages the lock and gives a ‘beep’ when the lock is fully engaged. I wish mine had the key fob, I use the one for my car all the time, it would be handy to have one for the house as well.

All you have to do to make sure the bolt easily slides in and out of the hole is align the strike plate on the frame with the latch. If it’s not aligned properly, just realign it. It’s simple. If it’s not aligned well, it will not open. If a person turns the knob before unlocking it, it will not open. You must let it unlock or lock completely before turning the handle.

If you lose a fob you can erase it from memory so it won’t open your lock…

In that very particular situation, yes. For the tenants we have, we like the Schlage eleven-button variety with the manual bolt. They’re a solid product at $99. Someof what I have seen of this particular offering would give me pause. YMMV

It meets or exceeds ANSI Grade 3 standards.