Morning Powerup

My morning 1-up is a Bloody Mary.

Gave up coffee on the most part, but I’m absolutely rolling over the bio …

You did forget the part where they were playing Mario Bros., though.

Are you kidding me?? For reals, woot voters?

lol is all I have to say

So that’s why Starbucks is always so crowded-- those people are buying extra lives!

Apparently, yeah. But hey, last week I was three for three … so NOT wanting to buy one tonight definitely helps my wallet.

This is so busy. I prefer more generic designs.

I don’t drink coffee but I’d take some hot chocolate! :smiley:

My life: hot coffee mod.

This writeup has everything-- cynicism towards modern video games, weird emo near-poetry, obscure geography… I hope you Woot writers are well-paid for your efforts.

what?!?! really?!?! if cake or death don’t make 3rd tomorrow im gunna be really upset! how is this second?? this is just depressing B^(

What about us tea drinkers? Don’t we get any love?

But, I’m so happy that my favorite won. When does that ever happen. Yipee, I’ll even get it in the brown. Don’t have a brown woot shirt yet. Now looking for black and blue.


Oh, the irony! A shirt meant to represent a power-up boost is so inane and charmless it threatens to bore me to sleep. -_-

LowestCommonDenominator.woot is due to roll out any day now …

Wow I wasn’t expecting this one all. But I know that people love coffee shirts so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I was sort of expecting the book… Hmm man I wonder what will place tomorrow?

No, it got reckoned

I’d love this design on a coffee cup.

“The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!”

That is exactly how I feel. If I don’t get a Bacon Cat shirt because another ramyb shirt won (which won’t even sell out, yet again), I’m going to have a conniption fit.