Morphy Richards Food Processor

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New Morphy Richards Food Processor, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Morphy Richards 48950 Food Fusion Food Processor

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Will this sucker make a good peanut butter?! That’s what I’m after…


how powerful are these units?

is this going to really CRUSH ice or merely slap it around?

Does it have different speed settings?

4 stars from the Buzzillions revieweers.

Mighty Morphin Power Blender ACTIVATE!

The mighty morphing richards what?

Oh! Overpriced food crusher. Pass.

Mostly because of price and the unpleasant brand name. Seriously?

So, if I put bacon in it, I could technically make baconaste?

Aww you beat me to it.

As said in the description, it has a pulsate function and a single speed function.

…why waste the bacon? Crisp it up and munch it! With bacon salt and some variety of pepper.

@ year warranty is a lie. The M R Blender I bought here on Woot broke in under a month. When I called the 800 number that came in the box it did NOT work. When I emailed MOrphy Richards they told me they do NOT provide warranty service for items sold in the USA.

Thank you.

Really want to give this one a try for making meat paste for gyros - but sounds like MR is not reliable?

Anyone have one of these things and can tell me if it’s going to make paste out of ground lamb??

Also, how large is it?

From the description:

What material are the blades made out of?

According to some reviews, this is meant to be used with small quantities of food, the plastic bowl seems a little fragile, and the pulse button likes to stick.

Just thought I would point that out for all of y’all that have large families to cook for.

Need to know if this would have a warranty or not here in the USA (being that it is a UK product)…
Ive been looking for a machine that can grate raw vegetables, and haven’t been able to find anything under $100, if anyone has any recommendations other then this, please let me know…again, it needs to be able to grate raw vegetables (say a carrot), not slice or chop…