Morris Outdoor Lighting

Check your local big-box home improvement store for some of these before pulling the trigger on Woot. Odds are good you can find them for the same price or cheaper with a coupon or something after factoring in shipping. Definitely true for the “Economy Floodlight - Compact Flourescent, 1PL x 65-Watt” light.

No worrying about shipping times, just go to the store and pick them up.

Looks like good pricing to me. Way below pricing that I normally pay for a good quality light from my local guy. I used Morris lighting in the past and have been real happy with the quality!!!

replacement blubs on a lot of these can get very expensive.

yep this looks legit

lending benefit of the doubt.
for now.

thanks. thats reasonable.

These look like nice lights, but it’s difficult to make any decisions without the dimensions of the fixtures.

Which fixtures are you interested in?

The mini wall packs, thanks.

No problem. I’ll update you when I hear back, which at this point will likely be tomorrow morning.

Are those sensor based?

on the picture it shows a photo cell installed on mini wall packs

Adding dimensions to all the lights would be very helpful. Also adding wether they have photo cell sensors or timers or motion sensors would be good too.

I’m very interested, but need to know the sizes to get an idea of how they would fit my application.

Thinking about pulling the trigger on some of these to use inside and outside a barn as well as around a few small commercial buildings. It looks like the HPS puts out a lot of light for the wattage. Typically I use a bunch of 27watt CFL par80 bulbs for the applications that I am considering these for. I’m considering the 400W HPS floods. Would I also need to buy ballasts for these or are they plug and play out of the box (after mounting and wiring them up?) Any thoughts/comments?

no these are plug and play makes it easy. That is what i like about these lights


dimensions have been added!
re: sensors: if it ain’t mentioned, they don’t have it!

hopefully that helps!

Might do better at E-conolight dot com on all this. I’m a lighting distributor by day and we see the same fixtures marketed by all kinds of different companies.