Moscow Mule Mugs - Set of 4 - Your Choice

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Moscow Mule Mugs - Set of 4 - Your Choice
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Stainless Steel Mug - constructed of Solid Copper with nickel lining and Solid Brass accents.

oh boy!

As the sharp upper point of the handle digs into the pad of your thumb, and the thin round handle makes it impossible to hold the curved grip from swinging left and right in your uncomfortably-clenched fist, ask yourself — before wiping off the drip that will form on both your lip and the polished cup with every sip from the terribly-designed rim —

“What concoction, hot or cold or tepid as spit, tastes great out of metallic cups?”

Oh, yes, that’s right … NONE.

But please, buy these; so they can age gracelessly and unused in your cabinets instead of repeating like some unpleasant burp here, on Woot!

4.1 Stars on the 16 oz. Standard at Overstock

If you have to ask yourself what tastes great out of 'em, then you might be a tad slow.

Moscow Mule’s are the new hipster drink. It used to be the Mojito and now it is the mule. Eveyone is doing it.

I just don’t understand what is so special about these cups that folks would pay so much for them?

i went to college in the olden days, and it was the drink back then, too. so it may be hipster, but it ain’t new.

That looks like a quantified peer message to me. Too bad the CORPORATE AMZN MAN will keep your count down.
EDIT: Way to stick it to the man dude! FREEDOM!

Sorry, $55.00 for four mugs that I have to hand wash? Umm… I don’t think so Woot. How 'bout a great deal on Alkaline batteries again instead?

We’ve bought these at a couple of places (Bed Bath and Beyond, and on an earlier Woot) and we never paid $50 for them! I would expect Woot to have them for $30 like last time. Doesnt seem like a deal.

think I threw the MM cups(free from Smirnoff) when leaving college circa '70—and they come around again

We have a few from the county fairs in the summer. Good for ice cubes and ice tea/ coke. It sweats and is messy.

Mule drink is not new per say but NEW to being hipster drink of choice.

Nobody said it was new. They said it was the new popular drink for hipsters.

As to the price, the standard ones can be had for $52 and change on Amazon at Prime shipping. Hammered ones for $56. This isn’t really a great deal.

Speaking from experience, are ya?

Gotcha covered on Sellout for batteries!

$10 is the scammer price I’d pay if I was drunk at Drinkalot O’Gradys, if they offered a souvenir mug along with their signature Moscow Mule libation.


That’s what I’d say when I guzzled it and ordered another because I really need 4.

Gimmicky cups at a standard-going-rate price. Nope nope nope.

These are beyond ugly. Wouldn’t want them in my house.