Moshin Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (3)

Moshin 2008 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2008 Moshin Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
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Which vineyards is this wine sourced from?

More than likely the “Moshin Vineyard” as noted in the spec. Located on 10 acres in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County, California.

…enjoying a glass or two of this one tonight…

Dark ruby color… a nose of fresh, dark berries; with that familiar Sonoma Coast aroma of earthy, forest floor. On the palate, dark berry fruit with just a sense of tart, spicy cherries, and a hint of graphite. Good acidity, nice finish, a pleasant texture. It needed 30-45 minutes of air to get there, but I’m pleased that it did.

A tad more concentrated than some SC Pinots I’ve tasted, but a good one.

“A harmonious assemblage of several vineyards located in the cool Petaluma Gap region of the Sonoma Coast.”

Thus your valid question and what is stated in the woot offering. :slight_smile:

I approve this message.

As with any Sonoma 2008 offering, please address the potential for smoke taint. Were these vineyards not in the fire / smoke area? Was this wine filtered? Etc…

We had a private tasting by Moshin this summer. No smokey taste FWIW. This was one of their better Pinot Noirs. Pretty typical of a Russian River valley Pinot. Better then most California Pinot - for me that meant fuller (most cal Pinots are thin to my taste) with good aftertaste. Did I buy one? No, sorry, the Zins were much better in that area (close to dry creek) for my taste.

FWIW – According to Wine Enthusiast, 2008 was a pretty good year for Sonoma Coast Pinot. They give it a 93 score. Not as good as 2007, but better than 06, 09, and 10.

Had a chance to taste this one night last week. Wish I’d had a chance to read neilfindswine’s suggestion, and given it some air time. Nose was heavy in alcohol, and something like stewed prunes. Color was a kind of pale brick red, a bit off for a PN, it seemed to me. Blackberries and strawberries on the palate initially, but it faded, and there wasn’t much of a finish at all. After reading some of the other comments, I’m wondering if I just had a bad bottle. Would love the chance to give it another try.

Was there & tasting in March 2012.

The 2008 Sonoma Coast Pinot was heavy on the dark cherry and cranberry side, with less earth & spice than the RRV. Hubs thought there was more green tea on the palate than I picked up. Less complex than most Pinots we tasted that week, but a good daily Pinot. And the wine educator was quite informative – nice PS too, FWIW.

No smoke taint issues in Petaluma Gap wine. Anderson Valley was the hardest hit.

Didn’t buy it, but we were tasting there between Rochioli & Gary Farrell (and we prefer RRV & AV fruit, not knocking Sonoma Coast or SLH or Monterrey Coast wines, which we will gladly enjoy too), so it wasn’t quite a fair comparison. :wink:

Can’t speak to the Sonoma Coast bottling, but I’ve been through a number of bottles of the '07 Russian River Valley, and have been very satisfied. Good body, smooth and velvety on the palate, solid fruit (but not fruit punch) with a little earthiness. I’m partial to Moshin’s style, if that means anything.

…yeah, this one definitely needs to open up. It’s funny, I had written down ‘stewed fruit/prunes’ upon opening it up. I walked away, finished dinner, got the kid in the bath and came back to revisit and 'twas night and day…

I haven’t had this wine, but “that familiar Sonoma Coast aroma of earthy, forest floor” just begs to be paired with mushrooms of some sort or another. I just love that pairing.

With regard to smoke taint, a few weekends ago I opened a couple bottles of 2008 Toulouse Pinot Noir, from the Anderson Valley, with noticable smoke taint. And every single one of our party of four was able to taste it, and every single one thought it was a good thing. This may not be the norm for smoke tainted grapes, but it worked in the two bottles we had. It was paired with grilled salmon having a shiitake mushroom sauce, fwiw. I think I may have a little mushroom problem…

There’s no such thing as a “mushroom problem”!

On the smoke topic, and to be clear, this wine did not appear to have any ‘taint’, I agree; I’ve had a Bordeaux Blend from the Carmel area that had obviously been smoked, and it was an interesting layer that added to the complexity of the wine. I’m sure there are examples where the smoke had a negative influence; it just depends on the fruit in question, the degree of smoke influence and the winemaking…

Again, this PN did not have any smoke, that I detected (I don’t think the Sonoma Coast had that issue; it was more Anderson Valley etc).

I tasted this wine along with ddeuddeg and found, at first, the every familiar pinot noir funk on the nose. The wine started out rather sweet yet pleasant. I rather liked it, but thought that there was a greater amount of sweet cherry flavors than I am used to in a pinot. Then, the wine just died and there wasn’t much of a finish at all. Maybe it was a bad bottle that we had. Sorry I don’t have more positive things to say about this wine.

Those are the exact words that went through my mind when I read his comment. I eat mushrooms one way or another almost every day. Today I’ll have some with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This vintage was sourced from three vineyards located in the Petaluma Foothills (just east of the Petaluma Gap) - Morris Ranch, La Cruz and Flying Rooster. The vineyard selection for our Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir can vary from vintage to vintage and we were blessed with ZERO smoke taint from these vineyards. Enjoy!