Mosquito Hammock XL (2 Colors)

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I have trouble with a hammock that’s only 9’10" x 4’7" calling itself ‘XL’. If you’re an average adult, you’re going to struggle with a flat lay in this, as there simply isn’t enough width to get a good diagonal lay.

Don’t get me wrong, Yukons can be nice. In fact, my first hammock was the Yukon double. However, their mosquito net hammocks aren’t quite big enough. My old Yukon was much wider than this offering, and was quite comfortable. With the right insulation, I’ve camped in it down to 20 degrees, and was quite comfortable.

My go-to hammock now is an 11’ long 6’ wide beast, and I couldn’t be happier.

i agree. XL this hammock is not.
but…might be comfortable anyway.

XL = Extra Long for our larger redesigned Mosquito Hammock. The Yukon Outfitters XL Mosquito Hammock provides the same amount of protection as our original with extra length for an extra comfortable lay. If the coast is clear and you don’t need the mosquito netting, just flip the hammock over and use as a normal hammock. Yukon Outfitters hammocks are made for use on the trail, tailgating, camping, or at home.

Bought this about 6 months ago, it is a fantastic buy. Great quality for the price. I’m a big guy at 6’3" 230lb and I’ve had no problems with it being too small or not strong enough. Only complaint is the carabiner’s that come with it have poor threading, so I replaced them with clips of a bit higher quality.

One great little trick with this one is that if you don’t need the mosquito netting function, just put that side down and treat it like a normal hammock. There’s no reason not to get the mosquito netting kind, other than the couple of ounces it may add to your pack.

If XL = “Extra Long” in your world, how do your people abbreviate “Extra Large?” Here on Earth, we use “XL” to signify something as being larger than large, with large being larger than medium, and medium being larger than small.

Small, Medium, Long & Extra Long sounds like BS on my planet. (BS=Beyond Stupid)

This is indeed an Extra Large Mosquito Hammock. The added material creates a much more roomy pitch/lay along the axis of this larger version of our best selling hammock. Apologies for any confusion and trust your worries will all be forgotten when you snooze uninterrupted (bug free) in this dreamboat…