Most Likely To...

Most Likely To...

I get all of them except the Horse and the Bear…any help?

Here’s what my interpretation is:
Mouse - Disney
Raccoon - Rocket Raccoon
Owl - Hedwig from Harry Potter
Cat - Garfield comic strip
Horse - ???
Tiger - Tony the Tiger, mascot of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
Panda - Kung Fu Panda
Frog - The Frog Prince
Bear - ???

Is the bear one a reference to Bear Grylls?

Not likely. Bear may eat dung, but not a celebrity.

Perhaps this?

Discussion thread for the derby entry where there same question was asked.

Ah, The Revenant. I haven’t seen that movie.


I’m still curious about the horse. Could it be BoJack? I’ve never seen the show myself.

Yes it is.