Most Underrated Movies


Ok…so we have the worst movies thread. What about some positivity?
So here’s a few movies that I will admit to liking, even though most people said they sucked.

Most recently - Aeon Flux
The one I get the most grief over owning - The Cell. It wasn’t that bad! The visuals cool! So what if it has JLo…ya know?

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Josie and the Pussycats
(I own both of those too. How can anyone hate a mockumentary?)


I liked both Aeon Flux and The Cell. The visuals and the barrier between reality and imaginary worlds always hooks me. Fisher King is like that, too.

I’ll start with one of my worst favorites-Hudson Hawk.
Many more to come.


Risky Business, the only Tom Cruise movie I ever liked.


The Jerk

My favorite comedy


You don’t know shit from shineola!


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Kill Bill. It should have definitely been released as one movie, though.

The split made many people lose interest after the basically plot-less bloodfest of the first movie; however, what they don’t realize is that the second half had so much more plot, developed storylines, closure and engrossing dialogue (Tarantino is a master of dialogue but didn’t show it in Vol. I, another reason why it didn’t stand up with a lot of viewers) that it completely makes up for the ‘shortcomings’ of Vol. I.

I could write more, but any thoughts?


The Great Outdoors


13th Floor


don’t forget the dog.


Best in Show.

I don’t think it got as much credit as it should have…mockumentory type.

Oh, and The Village…I don’t think enough people got it, so it wasn’t as appreciated as it should have been. I love that movie!


If I had time this last competition, that is what I would have used to base my entry. The copier/camera winning best in show based on that movie.

Hudsucker Proxy


The Killing Fields


The village was awsome! I enjoyed Vanilla Sky, and Adaptation as well. I have always had a knack for weird movies. Isuppose I like my twists! Does anyone remember the Gyver? Those are some good sci-fi movies!


I didn’t much care for The Village, actually… I mean, I understood it and all, but I just didn’t feel like it was done as well as it could have been… the “monsters” were laughable, imo. I just thought the whole premise was a little anti-climactic, and I guess I expected more out of Shmayalan, is all… Sixth Sense blew me away, cause I tend not to recognize twists all that early, but I felt like I could see the twist in the Village a mile away. Just not M. Night’s best work, imo. :slight_smile:


i’ve been debating buying this movie. i was searching online for “muncie” (where i live). and i found movie quotes from Hudsucker Proxy. i had never heard of it, but it was directed by the Coen brothers, stars Tim Robbins… sounds pretty good


One of their least publicized but best films.


I think that is the only Shmayalan movie I gave seen. Not to good. It was ok, but…


hey i loved hudson hawk as well, and cant really understand why people dont like it. out of all the movies bruce willis tries to act funny in, this was the best.