MOTA High Speed 3 Port Car Charger - 2Pk

1.0A for phones may not be sufficient to charge if the phone is drawing significant power (read: navigating via maps). it’s possible that the best that may do is slow the battery drain.

or maybe my phone’s battery is dying out, but that’s my experience.

Several reviews on Amazon have comments from different buyers claiming the charger ruined their phone. MOTA’s response has been insufficient (“it’s your cable” “your phone was defective”). Wouldn’t buy this if Woot gave me the phone to go with it. Clearly the maker is dumping these on the market rather than recalling them.

Not my phone. Not my cable. I use this cable at home all the time–been using it! After using this POS, my iPhone got hot and I got a message alerting me to unplug it. I must have waited too long because it died. The iPhone won’t even try to turn on. The iPad turns on, but, goes right off. It’s going to cost me $100 for a new battery for the iPad. I’m having to buy a new iPhone! I’m just hoping I can retrieve my data!