MOTA JetJat Nano Drones With or Without Camera


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Bought one for my son for Christmas. Best mini drone ever for the 20 minutes of collective play time before it just pooped out. Started flipping around, then lights started flashing odd, then wouldn’t charge anymore. But man, it flew like a dream for 20 minutes.

Anyone have insights into this description? How “new” is new? And is this one now so much larger that a SD card fits in it, I suspect a micro SD?

•JetJat Nano-C (JetJat Nano with video capture & 2GB SD Card) - NEW release from MOTA!

Seems you can get the black/red version any day of the week for $31.50 with A-Prime.

And it needn’t be registered with the Feds!

recently was selling these too. but they were half the price of woot. no thanks

Came here to say this. They have them every few weeks it seems for far cheaper. Not so easy to fly but YMMV.

I don’t think that one has a camera, does it?

yep, periodically has these for $10 w/ out camera and $16 with. Just ordered a few last week. meh…

Just received the two I ordered last night. As I type this, one of them is sitting on the corner of my desk, begging me to unbox it and terrorize my coworkers.

Just stay away from the Empire State Building: Man Crashes His Drone Into the Empire State Building, Then Tweets About It

I hope this thing is waterproof i will use it to mix drinks!!

seems the only difference is the controller has a place to store the quadcopter. this looks identical to the cheerson cx10, but 2.5 times the price. this is a real miss for woot

Bought as a stocking stuffer at xmas for the kids. Flew for 5 minutes then died. Seems to charge but wont spin the blades. These are pretty much POS’s…

+1 for Cheerson. I have purchased 4 of them for myself and gifts. They are tough and actually last a long time. You have to make sure to clean hair out of the rotors if you crash one into the carpet. One hair wrapped around a rotor will screw it up.

Mota doesn’t seem to keep its website up-to-date. It still shows the camera model as “Coming Soon”:

I have yet to see a picture taken by the 0.3MP camera to judge the quality. The coming soon live model claims to be 15X15X4.5 mm in size with live video streaming etc. However, the same page lists two different sizes for the camera model and the size listed in the bottom table is nearly 1/4th of the current specs (foot-print - 6X6 cms vs 32X32 mm claimed). We will have to see what they really produce.

these thing are fun and a cheap way to get into quad copter flying or racing,

One hic up the props do come off and they are hard to find afterwards. Make sure this model has a source for parts,

and buy the one without the cam.