MOTA JetJat Nano Toy with Drone & Controller - 2 Colors

No camera? Meh. :wink:

Seriously meh. Go get one, today, with a camera and an included SD card for less $$.

But if it’s after midnight CST and already Tuesday, go ahead and get this one. Meh doesn’t sell their deals for longer than 24 hours, sooner if it sells out.

This is the second time in a week that there was overlap between the M-e-h and Woot’s deal. Head-to-head competition or strange coincidence?


RIP OFF… Just bought two for less than $25.00 and .69 cent shipping.

PS. Pink one is $12.01.

Thank you SO much. Just went there and bought it!!

No, seriously, don’t go ahead and get this one. I bought a 2-pack of micro quadcopters just like this from Meh a few months ago for $20. I can never endorse paying 300% of that price. If you’re looking for some of these for gifts, wait til Black Friday or something. Don’t pay Woot premiums for them.

Thanks so much! I just purchased four for the holidays. My kids will be so excited. Cool site.

Thanks! That site is a complete and total ripoff of Woot! and I love it. It’s like Woot! of old come back to life. With, yuou know, actual deals and all.

PS. This thing is about $35 on Amazon and ships free. OK, tax. So maybe buying Woot! saves you a dollar or two. Hardly the type of deal that we used to get. was founded by the original founder of, Matt Rutledge. That’s why it’s just like Woot in the old, old days, one-day/one-deal.