MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder V2

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MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder V2
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“The MOTA Perfect Dinner” when you can’t be there. I wonder if Fido really is fooled by the voice recording? Is he like: “How did Master fit into this thing? Let’s eat!”

I have a different model, but I have a compliment and a caution.

First, the caution: This has the exact same food release setup as mine, and my younger cat figured out how to trip the mechanism the first day. Attempts to partially block the release area were unsuccessful, including winding duct tape around it to make the drop area smaller…he just found the end and unwound it. So if you have a smart, dextrous pet, don’t count on it to keep them from overeating. Luckily my cat is skinny and runs like crazy.

The compliment: This has made my life so much easier. It removes me from feeding time for my pets, so they don’t harass me for food. With it, I can go away for the weekend and know that the younger cat hasn’t eaten a bowl of food big enough to feed two cats for three days in 15 minutes, which happened once.

I checked because a previous model I have dispensed huge quantities of extra food, not the proper measure
According to folks on Amazon …
this one is just the opposite…

[MOD: Note that link above is for V1.]

I use this to let my toddler, Keri, help herself to Cheerios.


Ha ha, as an indoor house cat, I can see Ms. Butterball in the video isn’t missing too many meals! rowrr


The batteries died and so did my cat. …

This newer model got good reviews at Amazon and at $95.

Does anyone ever tried buting it? This specific one! Was it good?


Hey everyone, check out this guy that doesn’t know what “buting” is!

I’m thinking he meant “buying”, and also used somewhat broken english.

I’ve had this and another brand with a similar dispensing system. This one works fairly well but it’s too small for any dog over 25 lbs. You’ll be refilling it constantly. The other problem is the feed system. It uses four rows of soft plastic fingers that work like a paddle wheel boat. They do a decent job of dispensing the food but they’re flimsy and break. Once they break the food just falls out and fills the bowl. If they were available, the fingers are easy to replace. The problem is that there are no repair parts of any kind available for this machine. The Manufacturer actually refuses to supply them. Once the fingers break (6 months at best) you’ve got a pretty flower pot. These were originally on Amazon and its the only item I ever saw on Amazon where there were absolutely no returns, ever. If you buy it, its yours forever. Their return period does not apply, even if it breaks.

English, lol.