MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder V2

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MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder V2
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6/25/2016 - $54.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

Why is there a microphone on the device? Does it utilize voice commands? Is there a preprogrammed phrase needed to activate this device? Do I need to yell CAT FOOD in order to feed?

Plays back specific sounds or cues you want your dog/cat to respond to. Really helpful for training.

I bought one last time around so had mine a few weeks, fantastic machine. I feed two cats twice a day, or should I say it feeds my cats. Never forgets! figure 365 a year times 2. really works well. good quality.

We have one fat cat and one skinny cat. The fat one seems to have established dominance over the skinny one.

If I let this control their portions, I’m afraid I’d have one less-fat cat and one starved-to-death cat.

Same here; are there any pet food dispensers that sync up to provide two separate meals at the same time?

I would love something like this.

Do you think it would teach my cat to not throw all the food on the floor?

Or at least eat the food on the floor instead of just constantly pulling it out and making a huge pile on the ground.

I have a question for pet owners about this sort of machine. Clearly this is intended for leaving the pets at home while vacationing. You wouldn’t us it every day because it takes away one of the relatively rare opportunities to interact and bond with your cats.

If this were made for humans, there would be all sorts of redundant systems to help prevent a disaster, and it would have to pass all sorts of tests before human life could be allowed to depend on it. But for cats?

I have two cats myself, and have hesitated to use one of these machines when going on vacation because I am concerned that if it malfunctions, I may come home to a couple dead cats (or one eaten and the other alive). How can one determine the reliability of a machine like this? More importantly, how can one trust a machine like this?

There are, however you will see a few negative reviews for it too. Far, far fewer negative reviews than today’s offer though.
SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Cats are smart. Today’s woot is messy, expensive as there is not AC option, and portion control is a complete joke.

I have been using an automatic feeder for my cats for almost a decade and never had a single problem. The only thing I had to do was clean it and change the batteries. With my feeder, and I am sure with this, you set which time of the day and the amount. Meaning you can set it to NOT put food at a certain time. What this translates to for me is that I give them a small amount of food early in the morning when i am sleeping, and small amout of food for lunch and the. When i get home from work I give them dinner, the feeder does not.

And how long are your vacations? A cat is going to die far quicker from not having water than not having food. It may sound morbid but i am sure they will survive a week without food where as only a few days without water. Like I said before i never had a problem with mine and it allows for much more consistent feeding and maintain portions even though I have a 12lb cat and an 8lb cat.

This has nothing to do with the feeder (though I might buy it) but a vet told me feed the small cat in a box with a small door that fatty cat can’t enter

The box you linked is for a completely different purpose than today’s woot… The woot is for unattended automatic feeding for multiple days. The box you linked holds one day/meal of food.

AC option is not a good idea for feeding cats. Many young cats tend to chew through small wires. The batteries are a much better way to go if you’re feeding cats.

As for water, there’s always the emergency cat water supply. The Toilet!

The nature of the questions was if there was a way for two pets to be fed without one large cat eating the smaller cats food.

The answer was YES

And gerbils and mice will eat through wires too. The AC option is better than having your cats die from dead batteries, more reliable and less expensive to maintain.

Do you remove every lamp, TV, USB, printer, computer, phone, appliance or every other AC cord in your home now?

A 5V AC cord for this (which BTW would not use a 240V 100A circuit) will do NADA to your kitten. A young cat has a greater chance of choking to death on the HARD and DRY food you have to put in this feeder.

I have one fat and one skinny, too, but the skinny is the over-eater. We’ve “fixed” this problem because the skinny quickly figured out how to trip the hopper internally to get extra food.

No, I got this partially for vacations (one cat ate two cats’ worth of food for three days in the 15 minutes between my setting it out and coming back) AND very much for daily feeds while I’m there. I found that when I was feeding them, they would harrass me for food outside of feeding time. The machine doesn’t respond (and Mikko can trip it) so there’s no hopping on my chest at 3AM screaming for breakfast. We bond plenty without food involved. One has been stuck to me for 15 years now (constant physical contact) and the other is a bit more independent but demands petting and play sessions several times a day.

As for long vacation concerns, if I’m going to be gone more than 2.5 days I have someone check on them. They have a water fountain, too, but are big drinkers so even though it is huge it needs refilling mid-week. Plus, it’s peace of mind…even outside of feeding and watering, I want to know that they haven’t somehow managed to lock themselves in somewhere (they can work knobs, but not locks) or gotten hurt otherwise.

“How can one trust a machine like this???” You can’t. Although this is for a different machine (more complicated) you can see that failure is an option.