MOTA SmartWatch G2 PRO 2 Sizes/2 Colors


This did not get a good review from PC Mag. Mota SmartWatch G2 Pro Review | PCMag

Not recommended. The display is 90 degrees off from how you hold it look at it - not convenient. We bought two, they were both dead within a week and their replacments died the same way.

Several reviews on Amazon suggest you stay away from this product, Some of them were from Woot customers. Watch broke within days to a few weeks, the band cracked and fell apart. Does not keep time well and the features are loaded with noshow/nogo difficulties. One reviewer stated they would expect better from a dollar store. Why would Woot want to damage their credibility by selling this product?

Do not buy this watch. I got one and it was dead out of the box. I was not able to see a single light on in the display. The wrist looks broken out of the box. Do not waste your money.

I would not recommend this product. While it is a good way for you to take calls from your wrist, it doesn’t do a great job of its primary function: telling time. It will start to fall behind for some reason, and no matter how much troubleshooting I do, nothing seems to be working. It’s got a proprietary charging cable, so if you lose that, you’ll be hard pressed to find a replacement. The Bluetooth functions (it basically acting like a speaker) works okay. But when someone calls, the watch doesn’t show the contact name as stored on the phone, it shows the phone number, which is formatted unusually (+15555555555). I think, honestly, your money (and time!) should be spent elsewhere.