MOTA SmartWatch G2 PRO 2 Sizes/2 Colors

The Mota that I received lost 15 minutes per hour of time. I would think that a “Smart” watch would sync time with the smartphone it’s connected to. I also purchased a Mota from another vendor that arrived DOA. Wouldn’t charge the battery, gave no indication of life even after charging overnight. You may have better luck with one of these watches but both of my purchases were a failure.

I had the exact same issue regarding the losing of 15 minutes per hour. From what I’ve seen in YouTube comments on videos of reviews for this watch, this definitely is not an isolated issue.

Make sure you are measuring the wrist before buying this. I am a man with kind of a medium-large size frame, I don’t think my wrist is especially large, and it’s almost 8 inches. Too big for the large bracelet here.

I also received one that would not charge…

These have a 1yr MOTA warranty; I’d suggest reaching out to them for assistance.

If you need any extra help, please feel free to email with your order info. CS can check into your order.

I “reached out” to Mota concerning the watch that lost 15 minutes/hour. Their suggestion was to let the watch completely discharge and then to recharge it. These watches have lithium batteries which, under control of the watch, are not allowed to completely discharge. Their solution was to ship the watch back to them, on my dime…

Thank goodness for Woot CS!!

These are complete junk. Same exact thing was wrong with 2 that I bought. I find it both comical and depressing that a “watch” cant keep time. The most basic simple function. I sent both back to woot. I was a bit irritated though, I originally asked Woot for replacements and was told they didn’t have any in stock. I read their email as I looked at 2 of them I had just put in my cart for to test their claim. For the first time, WCS lost a little of my respect.


Neither of the ones I bought will charge either… another quality product from sellout.woot.