MOTA SmartWatches

The silver and black versions of this watch are a little cheaper on Amazon…but I would definitely read the reviews on this before jumping in…

I found a 50W desktop charger for $19.99 on sale (not sure for how long thought)

So cheaper on Amazon, eh? Oh woot, what hast thou become?

I think the point of the mod post is that the one linked on Amazon is the “Lite” while the ones offered on woot! are the “Pro” versions… 2 dollars difference for the up-version isn’t terrible.

When i was in Mexico, mota was the most popular word for pot. This amuses me.

The only listed difference between the two - that I see - is “Advance auto-reconnect and NFC function embedded”

Frankly, as a smart watch, this ain’t so smart. I’ll keep my pebble and martian, thank you.

Some guy’s video review on YouTube:

No mention of controlling Cortana for Windows Phone.

After adding the $5 shipping here, it is the same price on Amazon with Prime shipping. Also, if you want the large it is actually cheaper on Amazon with Prime shipping.

edit. Actually it is the lite version on Amazon. Didn’t catch that before posting. (even though I searched Pro it was the top search.)