Mother's Day Gifts UNDER $25

“Happy Mother’s day, Mom! Here’s a vibrato–I mean massager!”

Man…you gotta be REALLY comfortable with your mom to give her the Conair massager for Mother’s Day…

I’ll stick with flowers I think

it wouldn’t phase my mom at all. i on the other hand wouldn’t be comfortable with the situation.

whats with all the clothes. that could end really really badly.

Soooo… the photo of the Star Vixen Colorblock Dress, Purple/Black/Charcoal on the UNDER $25 page shows an a-line dress, but when you click through to the item listing it shows a fitted version.

The shape makes a big difference in whether it will fit and flatter … or not.

Which is it? Or is it meant to be a surprise?

I think the Conair Massager might fit better on the “Terrible Mother’s Day Gifts” page.


The images are of the same dress it’s just a different angle. The dress is flowy at the bottom.

Sorry, but I’ve got to call shenanigans on this. If you look closely (and I did) the “flowy” bottom in the picture of the sold-out coral dress is EXACTLY the same as the bottom of this dress. I assume that’s because one of them is a cut-and-paste job of the other.

Which isn’t to say that this dress isn’t “flowy” in person. I’ve never seen it, so I’m not going to weigh in one way or the other (hint hint). To claim that the pictures are from different angles, though, is to propagate misinformation.

It looks most likely that the sales page image for that dress was just pinned back or similar and just make it look less flow-y than it does in the pic when you look at the plus sale as a whole.

No. What it looks like is that the smaller picture is photoshopped from the coral topped dress.

tap tap Is this thing on?

Does anyone know the actual around the wrist size of the bracelet? My wrist is 7 1/4" - 7 1/2" and I would like to buy for myself and my mother-in-law but I think she probably has a fat wrist whereas my is big boned.
Mestige BMS245 Allure Bracelet

I’ve got the coral version. It’s fit and flare.

Your point has merit.
Here are the images from the event page:


Nearly identical at the bottom except the 2nd looks like the image was stretched.

Now from each item’s page:



Edit: if you zoom in, you can see the purple one has the same sleeve wrinkles in both pics, but a different bottom. Very odd…

It is odd. I’d want to know which version I was going to get. I thought about the purplish version at one time but I didn’t know which photo to go by. I hadn’t noticed the identical lay of the skirt. I don’t really care if they Photoshop in the different colors, but when you see that trimmer skirt, you have to wonder if the skirt is different.