Mother's Day

Makin’ Biscuits tote, please? Pretty please?

This is AMAZING! Mamas so ROCK–and so does this design! Awesome fun :slight_smile:

Missing Dragonly Love from this side sale …

Robbie Lee’s Mama in purple, pleaaaaaaaase

Nice collection of Mother’s Day shirts…really like the Gotta HAND it to Her Remix, works even better with the heightened stakes.

I want the baking bread in a tank…that would be amazing! Please sell more tanks…so cute!

What’s fun is I’m getting the Kitchen Warfare Apron for my fiancee’s dad, who has exactly two passions in his life: guns and cooking XD

I am so excited to see the “Gotta hand it to her remix” because the baby is being worn in a wrap on her back! Not a common way to see babywearing portrayed in pop culture, but my favorite method by far. An insta buy I didn’t even need to think about! Lots of fun designs in this, as a hardworking mom I think I deserve them all :wink:

Checking out the You Can’t Take the Sky hoodie and noticed there is no little chest emblem… since I’m currently wearing an Unstealthiest Ninja one, with a little ninja on the front, I wonder why there isn’t at least a slash of color? Also, would the design on the back be as small as represented in the pic? Seems like it should be enlarged to fill the majority of the back - not just across the shoulders.

Maybe it changes the original design too much, but the hoodie just looks off to me. Too bad, it would have been an insta-buy otherwise.